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Synonyms for worthless

Synonyms for worthless

having no useful purpose

Synonyms for worthless

lacking in usefulness or value

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morally reprehensible

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I was afraid to go out of my door & it made me feel I was worthless VICTIM IN IMPACT STATEMENT
"Given the fact that the sanctions are in principle illegal, the Islamic Republic of Iran basically considers the granted waivers for sanctions as worthless," Moussavi added.
"The claimant's reputation as a husband and father was so bad as to be worthless. [The article] included criticisms of the claimant which were either not contested or not contestable," it read (via (https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1083763/Diana-brother-Earl-Spencer-worthless-husband) Express ). 
If you get a gift card, make sure you check the expiry date, keep it safe and spend it sooner rather than later to avoid it becoming worthless.
"Once the currency is worthless," says Juan Carlos Hidalgo, an expert on Latin America at the Cato Institute, "people rely on barter."
National Australia Bank (NAB: ASX) has been hit with a class action lawsuit that alleges the firm had sold worthless credit card insurance.
The Honours system is worthless - political backscratchers, crawlers and vacuous party mouthpieces tend to do well, where are the working class?
Use it immediately to protect against it becoming worthless if the retailer goes out of business.
NNA - Iran on Monday dismissed as "worthless" a resolution by Arab League foreign ministers that accused the Islamic republic of "aggression" against Arab states and accused Arab nations, led by Saudi Arabia, of playing into Israel's policies in the region.
This is one of the main reasons I warn against gift cards - they can be worthless should the retailer go bust (the other big worry, is they expire - often the expiry date isn't on them).
It is not uncommon for high-income individual taxpayers to hold uncollectible or worthless business debts.
We're moving to Florida and want to buy a vehicle that will give us the most flexibility in the event of various possible disasters (e.g., EMP, lack of available conventional gasoline, worthless money, etc.).
I didn't realize a formerly perfectly average American sport had been corrupted by vile, worthless, filthy scum like you people.
Since gaining the franchise at 18, I quickly learnt that my vote in the "first-past-the-post" Westminster elections was completely worthless and that it was only slightly less worthless in the Assembly elections (thanks to the limited PR element).