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the quality or state of being eligible

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By virtue of the above mentioned changes in the Regulations, the Resolution Applicants, including promoters, are put to a stringent test with respect to their credit worthiness and credibility.
Hauliers Nolan Transport Limited in New Ross were charged with being the owner of a defective vehicle and an unlicensed semi-trailer, and to having no certificate of road worthiness.
He sets up a six-week enhancement program of focusing, awareness (appreciating self-esteem), enhancing (increasing worthiness and competence) management (maintaining self-esteem) and an optional follow-up session, and closes with a new chapter on self-esteem and positive psychology.
There was no "you" / except a kind of guess; that maybe someone / here or there would catch a drift / of wit or recognition, or, forgive my un- / worthiness, Inspiration.
In June of 2004 he refused to publish the memorandum of then-Cardinal Ratzinger (The Worthiness to receive Holy Communion: General principles; for text see C.
Just as the rating agencies have been the enablers of CSFTs, providing credit ratings of these unique asset structures which have been absolutely crucial to acceptance on the Buy Side, now they purport to be able to assess the credit risk worthiness of specific hedge funds, a reflection of just how important hedge funds have become to providing liquidity in the global markets.
Perhaps more importantly, it demonstrates that any systematic attempt to consider the meaning of a good and worthwhile life must seriously address the concept of worth: "we need ideals of worthiness to address the more threateningly and excitingly open questions about how to live" (p.
They also move from increasing a vehicle's crash worthiness to expanding the envelope for crash avoidance.
I had formerly been disillusioned by other publications that reported on anything flood, bad, or otherwise simply because it involved someone black, irrespective its news worthiness or value.
The church roundly denounced this heresy as early as the fourth century, affirming that a sacrament does not depend on the worthiness of the person performing it.
BEST EVER:Three Subaru models have won best-ever crash worthiness ratings UBARU'S latest Legacy saloon and Sports Tourer and Outback models look set for a five-star safety rating in the EuroNCAP awards,after similar success in Australia.
Committee members have worked diligently for more than a year to convince Utah's population and lawmakers of the worthiness of encouraging Congress to withdraw our nation from the UN.
The strategies employed in the debate are also diverse, from defenses of the equality or superiority of women as compared to men (Jacqueline de Miremont, the one in verse, 1602) to justifications of women's worthiness, right, and duty to receive a liberal and encyclopedic education (Jacquette Guillaume, 1665).