worsted yarn

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a tightly twisted woolen yarn spun from long-staple wool


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MATERIALS * 4 (5, 5, 5, 6) skeins Custom Spun Worsted Yarn by Glenfiddich Wool, 100% wool, (200 yds/113g) in color Chocolate * U.S.
Spinning: Before it is suitable for weaving or knitting, roving for both woolen and worsted yarns goes through the spinning process.
While relatively little is known about the mechanics or details of this initiative, the voluntarist society employed at least two individuals, known as inspectors of worsted yarn. The inspectors examined the yarn held by society members and identified culprits who were guilty of short or false reeling.
Zinser worsted yarn spinning systems are ideal for premium worsted yarns.
From its opening in 1872 to 1980, the Grade II listed mill was renowned for producing the finest worsted yarn in the world.
. WORSTED YARN: Yarn made from long wool, whose fibres lie parallel.
Among these are the spinner of the world's finest worsted yarn, two of the major carpet yarn spinners in the country, the European leader in upholstery cloth production and several manufacturers of the finest worsted cloth for which Huddersfield is known the world over." "Supporting these companies is an industry-owned training facility at the Textile Centre of Excellence (at Red Doles Lane, off Leeds Road)." Mr Baxter said an important aspect of the surviving industry was that few of the companies were public.
The brand buys top-quality fibres from around the world which are then spun into worsted yarns which are characterised by their smoothness, making them easy to knit.