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As to bowing down in body and spirit, nothing in that way was left for Heaven--which may have been one among other reasons why the worshippers of Monseigneur never troubled it.
And then he sighed a querulous, self-commiserating sigh, as if in pure regret that he, the loved and courted of so many worshippers, should be now abandoned to the mercy of a harsh, exacting, cold-hearted woman like that, and even glad of what kindness she chose to bestow.
The stumbling of any worshipper might cause a stampede, which was dangerous for the safety of everyone.
A worshipper recites verses of the Quran during his prayer.
Stephen Goddard, co-editor of the Christian website Ship of Fools, and founder of the concept of Mystery Worshipper, said they were working with Christian Research on the initiative.
The agency said the fire started when the veil of a female worshipper caught the flames of a kerosene heater on the upper floor of the mosque.
The University of Leicester research found that people who are classed as celebrity worshippers could be divided into three distinct categories, depending on the extent of their interest in a particular famous person - the entertainment-social celebrity worshipper, the intense-personal worshipper and the borderline-pathological worshipper.
They are paid to lead the prayers five times a day and they are given accommodation near the mosques so they won't be late for the prayers," said one angry worshipper.
An additional 22 suspected hoodlums have been arrested by the Kwara State police command in connection with the New Year eve attack on worshippers in the Ilorin metropolis, making a total number of 32 arrests.
Summary: Worshippers should be concentrating more on the performance of their prayers and rituals instead of taking pictures.
Sunday's attack in Quetta, the capital of southwestern Balochistan, also wounded about 60 worshippers.
Respect the law, stop targeting worshippers and religious leaders," said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan, as well as head of UNAMA.
One bomber walked into a mosque in the capital Kabul as people were praying on Friday night and detonated an explosive, Mahmood Shah Husaini - one of the worshippers there - said, Pakistan Today reported.
ae1/4oeAmong the provocative acts documented by Euro-Med researchers against Palestinians in Jerusalem were performance of Talmudic prayers near Muslim worshippers, beating, throwing rubbish, cursing, death threats and preventing worshippers from reaching the mosque,ae1/4Ci the report said.
Summary: Abuja [Nigeria], August 6 (ANI):A gunman killed 12 worshippers and injured several in an early morning attack on Sunday at St.
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