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LBW has served countless assemblies of worshipers throughout North America as they have encountered God through the means of grace.
Others were injured in a stampede when hundreds of worshipers fled the flames and the attackers.
Fazlullah, clad in a black turbin and robe, spoke to the worshipers about Ramadan being an exercise in ``spiritual rehabilitation.
In these poems, which span the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries, the worshiper takes on the voice of a courtesan.
Mosul / NINA /--Army forces prevented on the left coast of Musol city , worshipers from getting access to Ahrar Square central Musol after prayers of/ Fri- to recuperate usurped rights/.
Ten thousand worshipers at the Al Aqsa mosque Friday had barely uttered the concluding words ``Peace be upon you'' when the rock-throwing and the gunfire began.
And no one pays attention to what fellow worshipers are driving or wearing - most come in jeans, tennis shoes and sweat shirts.
The source added that the Muslim worshipers and guards of the mosque (Al-Murabiteen), stood against the settlers, chanting "Allahu Akbar" slogans.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Speaker of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, made on Friday intensive contacts with the security and political leaders at the highest levels to follow up the circumstances of the murder of worshipers in Musab bin Omair mosque in Bani Wayis in Hemrin area in Diyala.
In Qasim region, Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the region, performed the prayers along worshipers in Buraidah.
The mosque, with a capacity for 2000 male worshipers and 200 female worshippers and other services, was built on the local traditional-style mosque design.
Palestinian sources said that worshipers were at the mosque for night prayer (Qiyam), but the Israeli soldiers assaulted the worshippers, arrested two of them and forced the rest out.
The Al Zahra'a Mosque, at roundabout 10, can accommodate up to 1,800 worshipers, who currently have to park their vehicles at a nearby government school car park and open area.
Over the past month, tensions have been high and the compound has been the scene of fighting after Israeli extremists tried to enter the mosque and clashed with Palestinian worshipers.
The worshipers will offer their Maghrib Namaz in mosques and after Isha Namaz they will enter in adjacent camps for sitting to 'Aitakaf '.