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The cleric was said to have engaged in a heated exchange with the worshiper before punches were thrown during the evening prayers.Witnesses said the worshiper confronted the Sheikh over a letter he (cleric) had written to the police claiming the worshiper was a radical Muslim with connections to Al-Shabaab.
ISLAMABAD -- As the holy month of Ramadan starts all across the world including Pakistan , Mosques all around the country have completed their preparations to host more worshipers during the month.
While we have stressed theologically that daily confession and forgiveness reflect the baptismal structure or pattern of our lives in Christ, formerly worshipers did not see the connection in worship.
Suspected members of an anti-Roman Catholic cult hacked at worshipers with swords and set them on fire in an attack at a cathedral in St Lucia that killed two people and injured dozens more.
figure By WAIKWA MAINA Drama erupted at African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) Uiguano Rurii Church, in Nyandarua County, on Sunday after worshipers attacked and forced a bishop out of the church compound.
A source from the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem on Tuesday said that the Israeli Occupation Police stationed at the gates of Al-Aqsa mosque prevented children and worshiper from entering, but allowed settler groups in.
A worshiper said to NINA reporter :"The army impede the arrival of the clergy who lead demonstrations in the left coast of the city , from getting Ahrar Square under the pretext of security measures.
REUTERS/A RAMALLAH, -11 August 2019: Scores of Palestinians were suffocated on Sunday from tear gas bombs fired by the Israeli occupation forces at the precincts of Aqsa Mosque complex to disburse worshipers who gathered earlier in the day to perform Eid Al Adha prayers.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Muslim worshipers and those trying to protect Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque have been left at the mercy of those trying to divide and "Judaize" the holy site, Palestinian officials stated on Sunday.
KUWAIT, May 13 (KUNA) -- An official at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs said on Monday that three worshipers from Al-Ain area of Al-Jahra governorate suffered minor injuries as a result of fallen debris from a decoration of a mosque there.
The practical training continued with the worshipers, who are seen putting out the fire with the extinguishers based on instructions from the firefighters.
The convicted was charged with throwing two bombs and firing shots while the worshipers were in the mosque of Haidan in the village of Sarawah in Bani Bahloul, Sanaa province, to perform Maghrib prayer, which resulted in the killing of four worshipers and injuring eleven worshipers.
The more than 100 villagers invaded the church and forced worshipers to flee accusing it of breaking families.
The worshipers chanted religious and national slogans and mounted the flag of Palestine to show delight at the reopening of the area, which has only been open during the past 16 years to Jewish fanatics during provocative visits to the Muslim holy place, the third holiest site in Islam.
Heavy clashes broke out in Al-Aqsa mosque on Tuesday night, in which a number of Palestinian worshipers were injured and others were arrested when Israeli occupation forces stormed the mosque and assaulted them.