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Synonyms for worsened

changed for the worse in health or fitness


made or become worse

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Although mortality among all the patients with worsening liver function was proportionately higher than in patients with improving ALT, our search of the medical records did not reveal any evidence of hepatic failure, or worsened liver function to be implicated.
A separate survey by the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) also showed that business sentiment worsened for July with an index standing at 90.
The last "bombs" reveal the direct inclusion of high state officials in corruption, and that additionally worsened the situation in Macedonia.
This was primarily due to gain on sales of subsidiaries and affiliates' stocks despite worsened ordinary income (loss).
Dubai: Corruption has worsened in most Arab countries since their 2011 revolutions, even though anger with corrupt officials was a major reason for the uprisings, according to a public opinion poll released yesterday.
2) resulted from a much more negative assessment of the current level of overall order books and a slightly worsened assessment of stocks of finished products.
Avastin is the only biologic medicine approved by the FDA to treat people with mCRC in combination with intravenous 5FU-based chemotherapy as an initial treatment, as treatment for people whose cancer has worsened after chemotherapy alone, and now as a treatment for people whose cancer has worsened after initial treatment with an Avastin-based regimen.
Governor Mervyn King said that Britain's economy has worsened due to the turmoil in the euro zone.
Also, women taking opioid pain medications were more likely to report lack of improvement in pain relief and worsened physical functioning after three years.
The frequent warnings on the worsened security and the worsened interethnic stability seem to trouble nobody and the politicians accuse each other for the European integration standstill.
Almost three-quarters of the replies confirmed that their financial situation had worsened.
Even more eye-opening: when asked if their credit-card terms had worsened in the last six months, a whopping 75 percent reported that they had.
The health condition of Altynbek Itibaev suspected of killing MP Sanjarbek Kadyraliev on April 14 worsened dramatically, reported Azattyk Radio with reference to Itibaev's lawyer Toktogul Abdiev.
A 73-year-old assault victim is fighting for life in hospital after his condition worsened yesterday.
However, her condition worsened and it was revealed she had been suffering from a rare form of cancer of the liver.