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Synonyms for worsened

changed for the worse in health or fitness


made or become worse

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The housing affordability worsened over the past four years as the HPTI ratio increased from 56.1 in March 2015 to 61.5 in March 2019 generally for cities in India.
The father said that condition of one of his daughters Nishwa was worsened just after the family prepared to leave for home.
In his Friday press briefing, Panelo explained that Duterte was referring to the amount of illegal drugs being smuggled inside the country when the President said that the situation has worsened.
Duterte on Monday said that the drug problem in the country 'worsened,' citing recent news on billions-worth of drugs entering the country.
Reyes said the dry spell worsened the fire that started at the second floor of a house and spread to other structures, leaving almost 100 families homeless at Sitio Libis along Gen.
Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan as the gas crisis has worsened. In his letter, the Sindh chief minister noted that the suspension of gas supply was creating difficulties for domestic and commercial consumers.
Jonathan added that rather than take Nigeria to the next level, the Buhari administration decided to engage in media trials which also worsened the corruption perception of Nigeria thereby leading to Nigeria's slip in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.
Caso believes trends at Microchip have worsened since the August earnings call and are reflected in valuation, but is not sure about the magnitude or duration of this slowdown and prefers to move to the sideline.
While seated, his health worsened and he began experiencing heart palpitations.
The prolonged drought which started in February 2017 has severely hit Sericho, Oldonyiro, Cherab, Garbatulla and Chari wards.The NDMA official further noted that the situation is worsened by poor performance of last year's October-November-December rainfall which was inadequate hence affecting livestock, water, education, health and nutrition sectors.
In the end-year poll, TIFA found 79 per cent Kenyans felt economic conditions worsened more in the year than in 2016.
Thus, 100(88.5%) patients showed subsequent improvement in ALT whereas ALT levels worsened in 13(11.5 %) patients.
Korean manufacturing companies' business sentiment worsened for July from a month earlier with more firms expecting worse conditions for domestic sales, central bank data showed Wednesday.
Political observers assess that the worsened political condition seriously threatens the political dialogue which started last week in Brussels.
Regarding profitability, operating income (loss) worsened by 13.9 billion yen year-on-year, to an operating loss of 21.8 billion yen, mainly due to decrease profit from increased investment expenses in growth areas.