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Synonyms for worrywart

a prophet of misfortune or disaster

Synonyms for worrywart

thinks about unfortunate things that might happen

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Given the universality of worry even those who scored low on the worrywart quiz will benefit from applying the book's coping strategies to their lives.
She put a lot of thought into this workbook as a practical hands-on tool for a daily worrywart.
And, according to Barbara Goodstein, Axa's executive vice president of marketing and chief innovation officer, the favorable public response to the worrywart gorilla has also energized salespeople.
Chew On Things--It Helps You Think: Words Of Wisdom From A Worried Canine" by psychiatrist and alternative medicine researcher Iris Bell is a photo-essay self-help book inspired by Casey--the author's shy and lovable worrywart of a dog.
The delightful Scaredy Squirrel introduces us to an endearing worrywart who has settled into a (fairly) comfortable routine in his familiar oak tree.
When I, the perennial worrywart, finally relented as long as there was a net, we set to the task of dismantling the structure.
Skeptical, he started asking members of the firm whether or not they felt he was a worrywart.
Going tabloid--with big, bold, lacerating, crowd-pleasing, anti-war, anti-American, anti-Blair front pages--does for The Independent exactly what every worrywart (especially the ones at The Guardian) has said that the tabloid format would do: It makes everything louder, more simplistic, and appealing," writes Michael Wolff, a Vanity Fair contributing editor.
Even though the High Desert is the most affordable region in the state, self-proclaimed worrywart Darcy, 37, agonized over whether they could afford the jump from their $650-a-month apartment to a $1,800-a-month mortgage.
You're pretty much safe in the air, but if you are a worrywart by nature, the time to stress out is during take-offs.
Similarly, corporate risk managers must think about the unthinkable, even when life is going well and everyone else thinks that the risk manager is a loony worrywart.
The Anticipator is a worrywart who continually is revising the text to make it "better.
She's demanding, pouty, manipulative, dependent, self-centered, and a worrywart.
The chief worrywart around the Word Factory here in balmy South Texas was concerned that when our delegation arrived in Athens this summer for the Olympics, the designated media housing--which has only been described in the vaguest of terms and never seen except in an artist's rendition--wouldn't be ready.
That's when I become a worrywart, wondering about illness in the herd, shoeing of the horses, cattle prices falling, how my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will make out, are 16 bulls enough or too many?