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Synonyms for worrying

Synonyms for worrying

the act of harassing someone

the act of moving something by repeated tugs or pushes

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causing distress or worry or anxiety

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More worryingly, in high-risk states, 45% of homeowners said they didn't know how much hurricane-related insurance they would need in order to be protected against the financial fallout of a hurricane.
He told a Local Enterprise Networks conference in London: "There are worryingly high disparities between economic performance and employment prospects in different parts of the UK, and those areas that have become highly dependent on the public sector face particularly difficult challenges.
Worryingly, however, whatever the ICC recommend at international level, usually finds a way of filtering down through the first-class system and ultimately into grass roots level.
As a result, giant flash-bombs went off inches from my grinning face throwing my mullet back like a WWI pilot's scarf and leaving my teeth hot and worryingly soft to the touch for hours afterwards.
Summary: The number of deaths in newborn babies where the mother is obese are worryingly high, an expert has said.
Worryingly, the group's roots are said to be in the football hooliganism that used to blight matchdays all round the country.
That includes York, worryingly perched just two points above the bottom four, and they look more likely relegation possibles.
At first glance this balm seems thick and worryingly greasy, but it absorbs a treat to leave the skin gorgeously soft and supple.
Worryingly, the Ford Transit van is number two in the UK's top 10 cloned vehicles.
Worryingly his site says I promised something if he continued the blog to November.
Worryingly, his experience has now established that "a Catholic who says that perhaps it is possible that homosexuality is a sin can be discriminated against" in the Europe of today.
And worryingly for boss Martin O'Neill, Joos Valgaeren and Alan Thompson both picked up bad injuries.
Echoing this, his pictorial world is one of negotiable values, and of one key value in particular, beauty--where it turns up, why we conventionally think one thing delectable and another not, what the political ramifications and exclusions of that consensual process are, and how "Take, for example, Zeitungsstapel (Stack of newspapers), 1999, an asymmetric image of paper dumped for recycling, and its next-door neighbor, Conquistador II, 2000, a worryingly luscious view of the evening sky strafed by purple and crimson gusts of what Tillmans, in the title of a similar picture, calls "fucked-up chemicals." If you don't start thinking about beauty (and rethinking its terms today) as you look at these images, then the work could fairly be said to have failed you.
Perhaps most worryingly, many of those businesses that were not online underestimate the expense involved in setting up an e-commerce web site: 91% put the cost at under GBP1,000 when in reality the average cost is between GBP6,000 and GBP10,000.
A photo of me in goal for a local newspaper football team in my early 20s showed a worryingly Bobby Charlton-esque flap of hair lifting up (decent save, by the way).