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Synonyms for worrying

Synonyms for worrying

the act of harassing someone

the act of moving something by repeated tugs or pushes

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causing distress or worry or anxiety

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But worrying will not magically give me answers to my existential questions.
Choose a 20 minute time slot each day that is specifically allocated for worry: During your worry period allow yourself to worry about whatever is on your mind but the deal is, no worrying for the rest of the day
Therefore, both bracing and worrying have an emotional payoff following the moment of truth.
If worrying you'll forget to do something the next day keeps you awake, jot down a note about what you need to remember and then let the thought go.
If you keep on worrying over results or failures, then you are surely asking for misery.
Bella says: MY sister had this problem but she read a therapy book that said make a time for worrying but NO | T to worry always.
In this way, a pattern of worrying in response to fear is shaped and becomes generalized.
For example, if you are worrying as you wait for test results to come back from the doctor, you might remind yourself that you don't know what the outcome will be right now, but that you'll find out soon and you can deal with whatever the results are then.
doing this correctly, as i'll worry that i'm worrying i'm
If one were to very tentatively and cautiously attempt to determine a worrying type based on the correlations presented in Table 1, it appears that worriers are closest to an INFP Jungian type.
Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?
Andreescu reported, explaining it this way: Tell a friend without anxiety to stop worrying, and they will.
Bella is suffering from Worry Warts, and she needs to finish her worrying so that the worry warts can go away.
Worrying has been proven to carry negative health issues.
There always seems to be something to worry about and now new research has revealed that the recession has added an extra half an hour a day to the one hour and 45 minutes we already spent worrying.