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Synonyms for worrying

Synonyms for worrying

the act of harassing someone

the act of moving something by repeated tugs or pushes

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causing distress or worry or anxiety

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There are many inducements that impel worrying. The most common of late is worrying that fulfillment of an object of desire might not happen, and, conversely, worrying that losing an object of desire already nearly in your hand might happen.
| Choose a 20 minute time slot each day that is specifically allocated for worry: During your worry period allow yourself to worry about whatever is on your mind but the deal is, no worrying for the rest of the day!
"In this instance, worrying pays off because one is actively thinking of a 'plan B.'"
If worrying you'll forget to do something the next day keeps you awake, jot down a note about what you need to remember and then let the thought go.
A mood-as-input account of perseverative worrying. In G.
In this way, a pattern of worrying in response to fear is shaped and becomes generalized.
Washington, April 13 ( ANI ): Worrying may have evolved along with intelligence as a beneficial trait, a new study has revealed.
doing this correctly, as i'll worry that i'm worrying i'm
If one were to very tentatively and cautiously attempt to determine a worrying type based on the correlations presented in Table 1, it appears that worriers are closest to an INFP Jungian type.
PATHOLOGIST, Lewis Thomas, said: "Worrying is the most natural of all human functions.
Andreescu reported, explaining it this way: Tell a friend without anxiety to stop worrying, and they will.
Bella is suffering from Worry Warts, and she needs to finish her worrying so that the worry warts can go away.