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thinks about unfortunate things that might happen

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Very appropriately called Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier, this time round there's also a custom-built worry lab in the studio, in which the host will be physically facing his fears with some "aversion therapy".
This time on Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier, there's a custombuilt worry lab in the studio, in which the host will face his fears with some "aversion therapy".
As a self-confessed risk-averse worrier, travel insurance for this recent trip was a key priority.
It is possible that he thinks a little too much at times, and maybe a bit of a worrier. Thinking is fine, as long as the thoughts are constructive, otherwise dwelling on them for too long may create pressure on an emotional level," he said.
Amy Murphy's five-year-old is a bit of a worrier in his box at home in Newmarket, so he has the diminutive Rita for company on a daily basis including when going to the races.
Deftly written by an author with an authentic gift for engaging her reader's full and complete attention, "The Worrier's Guide to the End of the World: Love, Loss, and Other Catastrophes--through Italy, India, and Beyond" is an inherently fascinating, fun and informative read from cover to cover.
Had we not worried, had we left the next course of action to the non-worrier in the house (you can be sure that if a household has one worrier, there is no room for another), there would have been a minor crisis, a lot of running around, pushing and pulling, twisting of tubes and knobs, while the hungry guests looked at the clock and wondered when their meal would appear on the table.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Deplete 9 April 10 Apron 11 Carrots 12 Car 13 Sealskin 16 Absinthe 17 Met 19 Galilee 21 Yobbo 22 Raven 23 St Kilda DOWN: 1 Advance 2 Spare rib 3 Rein 4 Lacrosse 5 Trio 6 Class 8 Enchantress 13 Shilling 14 Immobile 15 Ottoman 18 Aggro 20 Live 21 Yoke QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Show of hands 8 Ali 9 Rap 11 Covered 12 Aware 13 Owe 14 Bit 15 Oil lamp 17 Net 19 Afar 21 Ogre 23 Acre 25 Coma 27 Ego 29 Bayonet 31 Nan 34 Hob 36 Aloud 37 Origami 38 Leg 39 Let 40 Co-operation DOWN: 1 Slow 2 Hive 3 Worrier 4 Fiddly 5 Alarm 6 Drab 7 Sari 8 Acorn 10 Peter 16 Par 18 Tom 20 Fee 22 Gab 24 Chemist 25 Canal 26 Colour 28 Orbit 30 Add up 32 Alec 33 No go 34 Halo 35 Omen
Culture Worrier: Reflections on Race, Politics and Social Change: Selected Columns 1984-2014
DEAR WORRIER: If your daughter asks directly if one of you cheated, you should be honest without sounding bitter.
Thus, the worrier's tendency to experience a fearful affect, could be manifested in Jung's feeling type.
The workbook is structured in a journal style with lined pages for the worrier to fill in Date, Worry, Woe-Is-Me Rating, and Next Ball.
"Chronic worrying can become a debilitating way of living in which the worrier is overwhelmed by irrational fear and paranoia," explains Karen S.
Now I don't mean to sound like a worrier, but I know I would feel more comfortable recommending these products after I have read these studies.
Q I'VE always been a worrier. I think my mother being seriously ill made matters worse.