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Synonyms for sick

Synonyms for sick

suffering from or affected with an illness

of or associated with sickness

susceptible to or marked by preoccupation with unwholesome matters

out of patience with

Synonyms for sick

people who are sick

Related Words

affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function


Related Words

feeling nausea

affected with madness or insanity

having a strong distaste from surfeit

(of light) lacking in intensity or brightness

Related Words

deeply affected by a strong feeling

shockingly repellent

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Appealing for help, her mother, Mary, said: "The whole family is worried sick about Tracy.
When I fell pregnant for the second time a few months after I was thrilled but worried sick that it would happen all over again.
A friend keeps saying it could be cancer and I'm worried sick as I've got a wife and two young kids.
I wasn't in exactly blinding form at the time - we were very quiet, actually - and I remember being worried sick that the horse wasn't fit enough.
And it is not an exaggeration to say, from meeting these people today, many have been left worried sick, big tough Northern people from Newcastle.
Margaret said: "The doctors didn't want me to come home but I had to come out because I'm worried sick about the dog.
When I got home my husband and family were worried sick about me.
His dad Don, who still lives in Bootle, said: "I'm worried sick about him.
Hollyoaks Channel 4 Cheryl is worried sick about Seamus, who's vanished - maybe she should ask Brendan if he knows anything about their father's disappearance.
THE Royal Family is apparently worried sick about the "Pippa problem".
Meanwhile, Gary Windass is a nervous wreck and Becky is guilt-ridden over stealing cash from Dev's shop - and worried sick when she discovers the CCTV camera survived and the tape may be salvaged.
Christy MacPhedran, 32, told the Sunday Mail: "I'm worried sick.
County councillor John Whitehouse (Lib Dem, Kenilworth Abbey) said: "The Albion Street area has a high proportion of elderly residents, many without cars, and they are worried sick by the prospect of losing their local post office.
I had to remove my child from travelling by these as I was worried sick about her.
I have been up all night worried sick, I didn't even know if she was going to make it.