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Synonyms for worried

Synonyms for worried

afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief

mentally upset over possible misfortune or danger etc


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The proportion of those who were worried was higher among those who have much trust in the United States at 91 percent (59 percent worried a great deal, 32 percent somewhat worried), compared to those who were undecided at 80 percent (42 percent worried a great deal, 39 percent somewhat worried), and those who have little trust at 76 percent (52 percent worried a great deal, 25 percent somewhat worried).
Americans continue to express the highest levels of concern about burglary when not home and car theft, and are least worried about sexual assault and being assaulted or killed by a coworker.
If worry is driving you forward, I'm a little bit worried about a test.
We should be worried, but we also should not panic.
dagger]) Based on the response "very worried" to the question on sample adult questionnaire, "How worried are you right now about not being able to pay medical costs for normal healthcare?
Its easy to see how homeowners can lose sleep over this; in fact, nearly 30 percent of American homeowners have been so worried about a home improvement project that it has negatively affected their sleep.
And those who carry debt are no more worried than those who are debt-free about not being able to pay their rent, mortgage or other housing costs (10% very worried versus 11% very worried); not being able to make the minimum payments on their credit cards (5% very worried versus 7% very worried); not being able to pay medical costs for normal healthcare (16% very worried for both groups); and not being able to pay for their children's college (17% very worried for both groups).
CURRENT MOOD ABOUT THE ABBOTT GOVERNMENT POLICIES Wanting a change of govt ASAP 37 Disappointed 22 Worried and anxious 20 Angry 10 Don't care/Indifferent 4 Enthusiastic about govt agenda 4 Happy and relaxed 2 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Agreed, keeping worry away maybe quite difficult for many of us, but if you exercise rationality and see the futility of being worried about illusions, then you acquire the ability to ward off worry.
Sometimes, we think of our bitter experiences and feel worried about the same.
Q When our children were very small I worried about all the usual things, like development and illnesses, but I now realise how easy that is in a way because you're still in charge and able to look after them.
One in 10 said their "tween" was worried about terrorism and wars.
And they certainly are worried, about the economy and prices in equal measure.
FOUR out of 10 people admit they are worried about the amount of debt they have racked up.
Joyce Relf, a 51-year-old amusement arcade assistant from Thorntree: "I'm not worried.