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Synonyms for worried

Synonyms for worried

afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief

mentally upset over possible misfortune or danger etc


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'Of course worried kami (Of course, we are worried),' Ejercito, who is one of 13 candidates running under HNP, said during the Kapihan sa Senado on Thursday.
16 to 19 among 1,440 respondents, 66 percent of Filipino adults said they are worried (22 percent worried a great deal and 44 percent somewhat worried) and 34 percent said they are not worried (16 percent are somewhat not worried and 18 percent are not worried at all) about the President's health.
If people were coming round for dinner and you weren't worried about it, it wouldn't be as good as it could have been if you'd done your prep and got in the things they like, it's that times a million.
More details on these data, including the percentages of Americans very worried about each financial possibility, are available in the PDF document linked at the end of the article.
A majority of Americans have worried a great deal about healthcare each time Gallup has asked about it since 2001.
Being a parent in Kenya today is being worried about the stranger down the road, the one your child will brush shoulders with on their way to school or church, the one that could come kicking down the doors of your house.
"If worry is driving you forward, I'm a little bit worried about a test.
([dagger]) Based on the response "very worried" to the question on sample adult questionnaire, "How worried are you right now about not being able to pay medical costs for normal healthcare?" Other categories included: "Moderately worried," "Not too worried," "Not worried at all." Unknowns were included in the denominators when calculating percentages.
What is striking, however, are the areas in which those who carry debt are not more worried than those who don't.
In this study, participants with high IU and low extraversion worried about the uncertainty that exists in many aspects of life, and this worry may become GAD.
Another 22 per cent say they are "disappointed" with the government, 20 per cent they are "worried and anxious" about the government's policies and 10 per cent are "angry".
Sometimes, we think of our bitter experiences and feel worried about the same.
"All individuals with these styles worried to the same extent and extreme, but manifested those worries in different ways," said Przeworski.