worn spot

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a spot that has been worn away by abrasion or erosion

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Mama barely glanced at the worn spots, but she punched her thumb down hard on the toe of each oxford.
PMCS check 31 in TM 9-1025-215-10 is pretty specific about how to handle those worn spots. Clean the exposed area with crocus cloth and then apply a light coat of WTR to keep rust from setting in.
No raking to even out worn spots. You can even shift bases and baselines slightly to accommodate wear of the base paths.
There are projects here that will help the gardener or landscaper to make the most out of limited space, compensate for not having time enough to keep annuals from looking their best, deal with otherwise doggedly shady areas and worn spots in the year, using relatively inexpensive and low-maintenance water features.
Moreover, the pigmented PUR system gives a consistent color through the thickness of the floor covering that will not show wear, while rubber mats develop visible worn spots. Bayer: (412) 777-2000 * www.bayermaterialscience.com
Make sure there are no worn spots on the blade itself, or burrs, which would affect its wiping capabilities.
Similarly, when you are retouching worn spots on areas like floor plates, frames or barrels, the color of the original bluing can vary greatly.
One thing I especially like about Blue Wonder is that you can blue worn spots on guns and it blends perfectly with the existing blue yet won't harm the original finish.
Inspect wiring for cracks, worn spots or deterioration.
It'll clean the worn spots differently from the spots that still have finish on them.
Some rugs have such subtle gradations in finish that they emulate the worn spots made by grandma's furniture, he remarked.
A main frame bore that is worn outside the tolerance limits will need to have the worn spots welded up and the complete bore re-machined to tolerance.
You're looking for cuts, excessive splices, worn spots, jacket deterioration and other damage.
On built-up and modified bitumen membranes, watch for blisters, wrinkles, worn spots, holes and deteriorated areas.