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Synonyms for worn

Synonyms for worn

pale and exhausted, as because of worry or sleeplessness

Synonyms for worn

affected by wear

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showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering

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Magnesium alloys are known to have strong tendency to oxidation, so the oxidation of the worn surface plays a significant role in the wear behavior.
His name recalls the Giant uniform worn by Bleek, and his complaint about the Mets--"the Mets need some more black ballplayers"--baldly extends the pride in race suggested by the jerseys.
The rate of wear was high enough that the screws did not last more than a few days before they were worn beyond acceptable limits.
One exception of state dress that can be worn in society without the wearer being perceived to be weak is the uniform of the police officer, perhaps because of the arbitrary power of the police within Egyptian society.
Consider using go, no-go style tools to make it fast and easy to determine if components are worn beyond the desired limits.
Scanning electron micrographs of glass-reinforced PPS showed that the surface worn by the 80-grit (192micron) paper was plastically deformed and exhibited microcracking of the fibers.
A Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Malaysian and Indonesian women made from sheer material, in Malaysia, Nyonyas usually wear the Kebaya with a Javanese batik sarong.
From plunging necklines to thrift-store mishmash, the fashions worn on the green carpet at the 6th Annual Latin Grammy Awards seemed to come straight off the racks of either Hugo Boss or the hipper Urban Outfitters.
Changing tips before they are worn down to the point that hammer wear occurs keeps costs down for wood grinders, Benway says.
When you see more innovation and more things being worn on TV, there is much more recognition to improvements in protective equipment and sports medicine equipment.
In normal situations, we believe the hammers can be worn so they have less than one-half their original weight remaining before being discarded.
Throw in the tunicle, dalmatic, cope, buskins, mitre, pallium, succinctorium, and fanon worn by various clerics from deacons to the pope, and you had quite a wardrobe of liturgical duds.
Most cycle time problems begin here because the "hot spot" is misdirected, the amps are low or the feed parts are worn out.
A young woman contemplates slipping into a sweater previously worn by her ex-boyfriend, but she finds the garment repulsive.