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Synonyms for worn

Synonyms for worn

pale and exhausted, as because of worry or sleeplessness

Synonyms for worn

affected by wear

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showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering

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Most of the magnesium alloys have low cold ductility, so there is a significant hardening of the worn surface even using lower loads [4].
* In keeping with professional decorum, earrings may be worn only by female employees, and ears are the only area of the body on which pierced jewelry may be worn.
On the one hand, the fiery, skintight leotard worn by (Rosie Perez acting as) "Tina" in the film's grinding opening sequence points to an overtly physical confidence, and the "Bed-Stuy: Do or Die" tee-shirt that affirms Radio Raheem's devotion to his 'hood evokes brazen pride in place.
The overall A shaped garment is worn with a local wool taqiya on the head (a hat similar to a fez).
Scanning electron micrographs of glass-reinforced PPS showed that the surface worn by the 80-grit (192micron) paper was plastically deformed and exhibited microcracking of the fibers.
The worn polymer and wearing counterface surfaces taken directly from the wear investigation were also characterized through SEM and ESCA.
Teach campers that even if a PFD isn't worn all the time, it can be donned in an emergency if the victim can grab it easily.
After all, other than law enforcement, what occupation routinely requires body armor to be worn in the normal course of a work day?
The pants are worn by about 40 per cent of the players in the National Hockey League.
In internal mixers, the wear that occurs on the metal surfaces is often tracked from year to year as metal is worn off by the mixing of rubber.
McKinnie, who has been fascinated by Burns for decades, suggested: "For female guests, a tartan skirt or dress could be worn.
HE WEARS: Brown and pink T-shirt, pounds 8, jeans worn as shorts, pounds 20, and shoes, pounds 18' Day on the pier..
Changing tips before they are worn down to the point that hammer wear occurs keeps costs down for wood grinders, Benway says.