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Synonyms for wormy

infested with or damaged (as if eaten) by worms

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totally submissive

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"Whatever happened to Wormy?" is a question Long-time RPG enthusiasts often ask, and Trampier's whereabouts usually become a topic of conversation.
The handhelds have the Open Warfare duo, the 360 got an HD version last year, and now the Wii has its own.In A Space Oddity, the tiny artillery masters battle all manner of wormy extraterrestrial enemies.Apart from some new weapons like UFOs that shoot lasers and Drop Ships that smash deep into the ground, the most significant change from previous entries in the series is obviously the Wii controls.Practice makes perfect and the Single Player campaign features a healthy balance of environmental puzzles, timed challenges, and straight up battling.
A sawmill recovery study was conducted on 44 control logs and 119 "wormy" logs ranging in small-end diameter from 6 to 37 in (15 to 94 cm) to determine if there was any measurable merchantable volume loss in the fire-killed trees as a result of massed wormholes.
Characters include Todd and Pam Green (a young couple learning how to live more ecologically), a superhero named Wormy, a meditating praying mantis, and a left-leaning, blogging rat named Link.
The unusual smelling behavior helped the moles find the wormy snack 75 to 100 percent of the time.
Look out for strong-willed women, wormy men and shockingly amoral perpetrators.
'Worms World Party' features co-op and head-to-head multiplayer gaming modes, allowing players to compete for "wormy world" domination locally via Bluetooth wireless technology or internationally over the N-Gage Arena.
Sometimes anglers spray a fishy or wormy scent on a hard-plastic lure, or a soft lure incorporates such feeding stimulants into its material.
Wormy pigs don't grow well, show pot bellies, and their hair will be dull and stick out instead of lying flat.
If the singer sings faster or slower, our wormy friend must draw his nether portion up and then extend more rapidly or more slowly.
Kimball Home has tapped into this rich, vibrant landscape and extracted a wood source, Australian wormy chestnut, for Outback Retreat, the 22- piece collection of bedroom, dining room and occasional furniture.
The wormy appearance and exfoliation (scaliness) of the riser are attributable to excessive |N.sub.2~ introduced by an unsuitable carbonaceous material.
The female purposely punctures the skin of ripening fruit and vegetables to lay hundreds of eggs inside--which results in a wormy waste.
Scientists presume that the last big glaciers creeping down from Canada wiped out any wormy ancestors, and southern species haven't advanced far into the territory.