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Synonyms for wormy

infested with or damaged (as if eaten) by worms

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totally submissive

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In fall 2002, log scalers and measurement specialists from USDA Forest Service Regions 6 and 5 (Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest Regions), industry, and third-party scaling bureaus, joined with representatives of the National Forest Steering Measurement Committee, Cubic Scaling Rules Subcommittee, to select wormy and control logs to be used in the product recovery test from incoming truckloads of logs salvaged from the Warner Fire.
The unusual smelling behavior helped the moles find the wormy snack 75 to 100 percent of the time.
Look out for strong-willed women, wormy men and shockingly amoral perpetrators.
There's also his spacy ex-wife Janine (Helen Hunt) and her fiance, a blustery sort who calls himself ``the Silver Fox'' (Dennis Farina), and a wormy, passive-aggressive local lawman (William Fichtner).
Sometimes anglers spray a fishy or wormy scent on a hard-plastic lure, or a soft lure incorporates such feeding stimulants into its material.
Wormy pigs don't grow well, show pot bellies, and their hair will be dull and stick out instead of lying flat.
If the singer sings faster or slower, our wormy friend must draw his nether portion up and then extend more rapidly or more slowly.
Kimball Home has tapped into this rich, vibrant landscape and extracted a wood source, Australian wormy chestnut, for Outback Retreat, the 22- piece collection of bedroom, dining room and occasional furniture.
The wormy appearance and exfoliation (scaliness) of the riser are attributable to excessive |N.
Even preschoolers have plenty to learn on the farm, thanks to Mary's innovative "five senses" tours - complete with wormy compost bins.
Tenders are invited for S/S good earth,CDM, Red bajri,Jamuna sand, Digging holes,Plants, Supply of Chemical Emulsion,Neem oil cake, P/F Precast Concrete Bench, wormy compost, P/F Dust bins etc.
His sons are the usual assortment of ne'er-do-wells - dumb jock (Erik von Detten), self-absorbed musician (Shaun Sipos), extreme-sports enthusiast (Evan Ellingson), wormy bully magnet (Jason Dolley) and, of course, the nominally normal if love-struck decent kid (Andrew Eiden).
The female purposely punctures the skin of ripening fruit and vegetables to lay hundreds of eggs inside--which results in a wormy waste.
Scientists presume that the last big glaciers creeping down from Canada wiped out any wormy ancestors, and southern species haven't advanced far into the territory.
American chestnut (Canstanea dentata), once an important domestic commercial timber, is available on a very limited basis today, usually marketed as wormy chestnut.