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rank-smelling tropical American pigweed

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Proteka-a potent combination of stone root, Oregon grape root, saw palmetto berry, pau d'arco bark, L-lysine HCL, wormseed, wintergreen leaf, olive leaf, L-glutamic acid, wormwood herb, male fern, motherwort, African bird's eye, chili pepper, 90,000 hu, oregano Greek, yarrow flower, malva flower (black), L-aspartic acid, cellulose.
The plants most used by the community were Lemon balm, Mint, Boldo, Elderberry, Wormseed and Pennyroyal, and the most quoted botanical families are Asteraceae (eight species), Lamiaceae (seven species), Fabaceae (four species) and Rutaceae (four species) (Table 1 and Figure 3).
* Cina (wormseed): The next most common remedy used in this study was Cina, representing 19% of the children.
(*) Erysimum cheiranthoides L.; Wormseed Mustard, Wormseed Wallflower; Edge of mesic woods next to row crop field; Rare but locally frequent; C = 0; BSUH 14854.