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rank-smelling tropical American pigweed

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salt or in hypertension, stomach, Wormseed, mastruz, alcoholic solution swelling, infection, erva de Santa Maria inflammation, skin cancer, antibiotic, Cucurbitaceae healing / 6 Citrullus lanatus Seed/ tea Pneumonia/ 1 (Thunb.
Wormseed Mustard, Wormseed Wallflower; Edge of mesic woods next to row crop field; Rare but locally frequent; C = 0; BSUH 14854.
The active parts of the plant are the flower buds, called wormseed, as they are the size and shape of seeds, even though they are really flower buds.
Wormseed Goosefoot--Chenopodium ambrosioides, family Chenopodiaceae; an annual herb grown as a source of the chenopodium oil used as medicines and vermifuges.
Wormseed Mustard, Wormseed Wallflower; Dry border of wetland complex; Rare; C = 0; BSUH 13935.