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totally submissive

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masts, a wormlike blob composed of over a thousand different
This group is neglected both in the books and in the curriculum of veterinary medicine, those veterinarians who practice herpetological medicine have a higher probability to find these wormlike organisms.
And giving the wormlike creepy-crawly a head hasn't helped.
Depending on concentration and compatibility, the block copolymer can form other morphologies, such as vesicles or wormlike micelles.
Although The Inferno certainly perpetuated the mindset that to be naked is to be damned, an idea that Levi vigorously questions, it must be said in all fairness to Dante that just as Levi has sunk to his most wormlike lethargy, the recollection of a passage from Dante helps him hold onto his humanity.
No wormlike micelles have been detected for binary mixtures of anionic- nonionic (Triton-X 100) nor for ternary mixtures of SDS/CTAB/Triton-X 100 surfactants.
Multifunctional SPIO/DOX-loaded wormlike polymer vesicles for cancer therapy and MR imaging," Biomaterials, vol.
It was the impression of the observers that the distinctive black, wormlike tip of this viper's tail was very likely to be used as a lure to attract prey, as has been speculated by others (e.
nondecapod crustaceans (including amphipods, isopods, cumaceans, mysids, and mantis shrimp), bivalves (clams and periwinkles), fishes (44 species identified), worms and wormlike organisms (nematodes, polychaetes, annelids, and leeches), and other unidentified (UID) items (inorganic matter, organic matter, eggs, and insects).
Often, the wormlike wingless creatures end up as plain old moths.
Its colorful wormlike patterns are vibrant and it is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.
It's about a kid named Evan who has come down with an illness that doctors can't diagnose or cure, but which the boy alone knows is something much worse, a metamorphosis that will turn him into a wormlike creature called a Wuftoom, which lives below ground in the sewers in its own civilization, fighting for its life against another group of creatures, the evil Vitflys.
Roundworms, microscopic wormlike organisms also known as "nematodes," can be friend, foe, or something in between.
Other topics of the 18 papers include path generation for robotic ironing, mobile wormlike robots for pipe inspection, landmine removal in Turkey, and saffron flower harvesting.