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totally submissive

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Fileless malware strains will exhibit wormlike properties in 2019, allowing them to self-propagate by exploiting software vulnerabilities.
Furthermore, the entanglement state of wormlike micelles is destroyed, even the wormlike micelles disintegrated into simple micelles, and these can make the gel system automatically break [17-22].
((a) Well He 142, 3064.83 m, wormlike authigenic kaolinites (K1) intergrew with quartz overgrowths; (b) Well He 142, 3064.83 m, local amplification of (a), K1 intergrew with quartz overgrowths; (c) Well Xin 154, 2938.56 m, K1 filled in secondary pores; (d) Well Xin 154, 2938.56 m, local amplification of (c), wormlike authigenic kaolinite (K1); (e) Well N105, 3096.2 m, disordered authigenic kaolinite distributed on the surface of K-feldspars (K2); (f) Well N105, 3096.2 m, local amplification of (e); (g) Well XX161, 3272.5 m, illitization of K1 and K2; (h) Well S106, 3398.70 m, Cc4 and Py2).
Witnesses on Muriwai Beach described similar wormlike creatures emerging from the shells or barnacles on what was a similarly shaped large object.
Elliott told cpfc.co.uk: "We have a problem with nematodes, which are a microscopic, parasitic wormlike creature that live within the root zone.
lb), similarly to EOC 17, is much smoother and contains short wormlike crystalline domains.
Whether you're fishing the Gulf out of Pensacola or Marco, the Atlantic out of Jacksonville or Miami, odds are immense that you'll catch a silver-plated football with a forked tail, wormlike black markings on a green back and dark spots near the pectoral (side) fins.
Likely producers of Planolites in continental settings include a wide variety of wormlike animals (Pemberton and Frey 1982), as well as insect larvae (Buatois and Mangano 1993).
It can be also surprisingly observed in Figure 2 that, beside the black dots, some parts of the morphology of [Cu.sub.2]O NPs in zeolite were almost as wormlike form.
Textural study shows that some of the plagioclase is formed by transformation of orthoclase along with wormlike intergrowth of quartz, giving rise to myrmekitic texture.
In part due to their cast-iron gray, Deshayes's wormlike sculptures also recall graphic artist H.
One company even markets toxic bait in a clever wormlike impersonator--I kid you not!
The hagfish is wormlike and use a toothlike tongue to eat dead organisms.
This group is neglected both in the books and in the curriculum of veterinary medicine, those veterinarians who practice herpetological medicine have a higher probability to find these wormlike organisms.