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totally submissive

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Roundworms, microscopic wormlike organisms also known as "nematodes," can be friend, foe, or something in between.
Other topics of the 18 papers include path generation for robotic ironing, mobile wormlike robots for pipe inspection, landmine removal in Turkey, and saffron flower harvesting.
She has found wormlike critters chewing on a carcass and leaving trails of poop.
Highly viscoelastic wormlike micellar solutions formed by cationic surfactants with long unsaturated tails.
The birds were agitated and began to move and we could see the grass parting as they ran through it, wormlike.
This vampire sports a tricorn head, wormlike protrusions from the face, and wings that seem to belong to a bat, rather reminiscent of a scene described in Dante's Canto 33 (Cary, 1909:143): "two mighty wings, enormous as became a bird so vast .
The area around the ticket booth was flooded by pale bare legs laced with wormlike veins, foreign voices scoured by cigarettes and age.
The result was near universal colonization with helminths, which are complex wormlike animals that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of mammals.
There are a number of reasons why frogs, toads, salamanders and wormlike caecilians are in peril.
I have a wormlike feeling of unease when I read Wilkinson's booklets, even before I can name what disturbs me.
Or that visitors to his show in Paris would trace wormlike paths through the lava on the gallery floor?
Under a microscope, the very small nematodes are seen as a wormlike almost transparent creature devoid of eyes, ears, nose, or brain.
A 55-year-old farmer from the island of El Hierro, with a medical history of hypercholesterolemia, Q fever, and murine typhus, but currently not being treated, consulted a physician in August 2005 concerning a wormlike sensation in his nose and sinuses that had lasted 2 days.
A grossly infiltrative lesion, or one that extends as wormlike plugs into vessels, obviously also calls for more careful sampling for microscopic examination.