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hole made by a burrowing worm

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pdf) saying in their paper that the connection between the two black holes at the opposite ends of the wormhole could hold the pathway open and make it traversable.
Lance Maurer, president and CEO, Cinnafilm, said, "Cinnafilm has been partnering closely with Wohler for many years as a worldwide distributor of the Tachyon Wormhole appliance.
The wormhole predicted by the equations is smaller than an atomic nucleus, but gets bigger the bigger the charge stored in the black hole.
Rita McBride's wormhole created with laserbeams - part of the 2016 Liverpool Biennial - inside the Toxteth Reservoir in High Park StreetJAMES MALONEY
However, just as Brady finds the wormhole reverser, he discovers he's only the pawn in an intergalactic game and none of the players are on his side.
Maldacena demonstrated that by entangling particles on one can's label with particles on the other, he could perfectly describe the wormhole connection between the cans in the language of quantum mechanics.
A black hole is thus a convenient wormhole around the tricky social consequences of space travel.
We then describe our prototype detector for in-band wormhole attacks in OLSR networks and explain how it leverages the architecture.
The accident was witnessed by advanced paramedic Seamus McCarthy and his teacher girlfriend Fionnuala Quigley who were on a day out in Aran and had dropped by the Wormhole to view it for themselves.
Spaceships and wormholes are fine for science nerds -- but when people lie, or deceive their loved ones, or succumb to all-too-human weaknesses, that's real drama.
When a wormhole, which creates shortcuts between widely separated regions of spacetime, is discovered near Saturn, widowed former space engineerturnedfarmer Cooper (McConaughey) is called in by a NASAbacked underground agency to lead a fourman missionto explore potentially habitable planets on the other side of the wormhole
Various types of attacks such as jamming, tampering, Black holes [2], Sybil attacks [15], Wormhole attacks [3], etc, of different network layers can affect packet transmission in WSNs.
Music Wormhole is series of apps to help the beginning musician learn the basics of music theory.
In specific, we investigate routing attacks, such as, Byzantine Attack, Black hole Attack, Rushing Attack and especially Wormhole Attack.
It had buttonholes that appeared normal, but on closer inspection sent the viewer spinning down a mindbending Escheresque wormhole.