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cylindrical mass of earth voided by a burrowing earthworm or lugworm

fossil trail of a worm

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The wormcast can be diluted with water (1:10) to produce a plant-enhancing liquid fertiliser.
However, wormcasts can be a problem, especially on heavy soil or in wet situations.
But wormcasts can be a problem for many, as they form perfect seedbeds for weeds, so they need removing from the lawn with a stiff broom before the first mow.
WORMcasts can leave the lawn looking unsightly, especially when squashed by the mower.
-LOTS of you have written asking where to get Worm Clear Plus to get rid of wormcasts. Try www.
We have a wormery which takes kitchen waste and turns out soggy wormcasts for the soil and litres of high-energy liquid plant food.
"I WANT to mow my lawn a couple more times before winter sets in, but it's covered in wormcasts. I've tried brushing them, but I still get muddy skidmarks.
Remove leaves from ponds, too, otherwise they will rot, depriving fish and aquatic plants of oxygen, and from lawns where they encourage wormcasts and turn the grass yellow by blocking light.
Watch out too for wormcasts, which produce ideal conditions for growing weed seeds.
Keep sweeping away any fallen leaves and wormcasts. Planning a new lawn?
broke Rc Remove or roll over any wormcasts that appear on your lawn.
There is just one species which earns our disapproval by creating wormcasts on lawns and sports greens.
IS A TIME & lRemove or roll over any wormcasts that appear on your lawn.
* DON'T worry unduly if wormcasts appear on the lawn - just brush off the worst of them.