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resembling a worm


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Using a hollow needle connected to a vacuum, she sucks out worm-shaped samples of my nonlump; after the first few she politely asks permission to take more.
Ladybug larvae (LAR-vee, the early stage of development when insects are wingless and worm-shaped) look like spiny black alligators.
It is the spontaneous transition from the prototype worm-shaped or soft-bodied form to complex characteristics within each phylum, and it happened in a blink of an eye on the geological time scale." Carefully and methodically, using examples from around the world but especially from the Burgess formations near the popular resort area at Banff in Canada, Parker builds his case that "Between 544 and 543 million years ago a revolution took place.
Most dramatic were tiny worm-shaped features that the team suggested could be fossils of bacteria (SN: 8/1/96, p.
His head had been torn away, neck and all; in its place were layers of gauze, affixed with worm-shaped steel hooks that penetrated the young man's shoulders.
One of the weirder tales from the files is the 2003 sighting of "worm-shaped" UFOs over East Dulwich in London.
In 2003, a mum and daughter in Dulwich, South London, told police they had seen worm-shaped UFOs.
In another development, Andrew Steele of the University of Portsmouth in England and his collaborators say they have ruled out the possibility that the proposed nanofossils-tiny worm-shaped and ovoid features seen by Thomas-Keprta and her colleagues in the carbonate deposits as well as in terrestrial sediments-are artifacts of the gold coating that each sample receives before it can be sliced and viewed under an electron microscope.
A mother and daughter reported worm-shaped UFOs "wriggling around in the sky" over the suburb, according to Ministry of Defence files.