worm wheel

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gear with the thread of a worm

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Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Worm Wheel And Worm Shaft Pre-Washery Section At Kedla Washey Of Hazaribagh Area
Tenders are invited for Worm , Worm Wheel And Shaft For Water Load Box As Per Dlw Drg No - M3317m0705 1 Ref No - 1 , Shaft 01 Set Consisting 03 Nos 2 Ref No-2, Coupling 01 Set Consisting 02 Nos 3 Ref No - 4 ,Worm 01Set Consisting 05 Nos 4 Ref No-5 ,Worm Wheel 01 Set Consisting 05 Nos 5 Ref No - 9 ,Parallel Key 01 Set Consisting 04 Nos 6 Ref No- 10 ,Parallel Key 01 Set Consisting 04 Nos
Tenders are invited for Supply of worm wheel b6 bronze as per hmt specification as appended to technical document please see technical document
Tenders are invited for Gear Box Assembly With Clutch- 2 Stage Combination Helical And Worm And Worm Wheel Gear Drive With Hand Crank Insert, Internal Locking Feature, Oil Filled And Sealed Type Unit With Connecting Link On Output Shaft.
Tenders are invited for ASR0000048 grinding wheel rod assembly with built-in flange and balancing device for a worm wheel with parameters 1-220 * 180 * 76.
s grade 304 and 3mm thickness as above cast iron items industrial gas boiler refectories cane cutting knife & hammers tube cleaning equipments cast steel spur gear & worm wheel fabrication & eraction work in diff.