worm lizard

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a lizard of the genus Amphisbaena

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Amphisbaenians, or worm lizards, constitute a monophyletic group of highly specialized fossorial squamates with approximately 200 species (Pinna et al.
The results showed that the Cryptolacerta shared a thickened, reinforced skull with worm lizards and both were most closely related to lacertids.
Elsewhere in Kenya, these kind of microhabitats also harbor other subterranean herpetofauna such as caecilian amphibians (see Malonza and Measey 2005, Malonza 2008) and reptiles such as blind snakes, worm snakes, burrowing skinks and worm lizards (Spawls et al.
HISTOLOGY OF THE OVIDUCT OF MODERN SNAKES, PRIMITIVE SNAKES, AND THE WORM LIZARDS. The oviduct is part of the reproductive system that does not change rapidly over evolutionary time.