worm gear

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gear consisting of a shaft with screw thread (the worm) that meshes with a toothed wheel (the worm wheel)

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Despite the fact that worm gears are among the oldest type of gearing systems, modern worm gear sets produced using the latest CNC machines, inspection equipment, and materials technology are providing innovative, reliable, high performance solutions on a diverse and wide range of applications.
Instead of figuring out a quick way to put the gun together and possibly damaging parts, follow the installation procedures and install the worm gear piece by piece like it says in IETM 0126 for the LONGBOW APACHE.
High-strength bronze worm gears mounted between heavy-duty tapered roller bearings.
The power chain which assure the traction (figure 2), contains the worm 6, the worm gear 5, the final transmission with the wheels 4 si 2 and 4' si 2'.
TmcHUD111110-KE27301) * BUSY, BUSY: David Brown''s Radicon Bay, a worm gear assembly plant at Park Works, Lockwood.
The MCLLEG is comprised of an easy to turn manual worm gear winch and a long lifting strap with a hook on a stabilizing leg that attaches to a dolly.
ELS-Series electric lift mixer stands feature all stainless steel construction, including precision machined 316 SS components, and a 1/2 HP all-stainless worm gear drive to power the lift cylinder.
The worm screw consists of a less brittle V-grade form of carbide, while the worm gear is ion nitrided to a depth of 0.
The former places the power unit on the steering column just behind the instrument panel where the assist is transmitted through a worm gear to the column, while the latter places it to the side and drives the column through a ball nut mechanism via a rubber belt.
Translating contact is made between the bronze worm gear and the turning worm shaft.
The wheels are mounted to a full CNC B-axis wheelhead with a design that incorporates a worm gear, thereby eliminating the need to lift it to pivot the wheels.
The David Brown BS range of ultra compact worm gear units now has an environmental classification for use in hygienic food production areas through the use of a Tufram coating on the gear case, flanges and feet.
Products include electromechanical and mechanical clutches and brakes and controls, right angle worm gear speed reducers and in-line helical speed reducers, washdown duty, variable speed AC and DC inverters, and stainless steel motors.