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To protect against the Conficker worm family, Microsoft recommends that users ensure their anti virus protection is up to date with the latest definition and install Microsoft's MS08-067 patch.
Analysis has identified the binary as a W32/MyTob mass-mailing worm family variant.
Researchers are now studying some of the retrieved worms, which Toulmond says appear to be an unknown species from a familiar marine worm family (Hesionidae).
The Sober worm family is one of the most damaging cyber threats facing enterprises today, and the IPS 5500's inline intrusion prevention protects our customers from the latest variant.
Its tiny body has no eyes or color and is the first cave-adapted species from the worm family Syllidae," Iliffe said.
This meant that the Netsky worm family accounted for over 70.
As such, the use of this technology achieved maximum coverage of Internet users and has resulted in the 'Sobig" worm family instantly jumping to first place in May's list of the most widespread virus programs.