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Synonyms for worldly-wise

Synonyms for worldly-wise

experienced in the ways of the world; lacking natural simplicity

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experienced in and wise to the ways of the world

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5 COLD MOUNTAIN (2003) AN American Civil War drama that saw Renee scoop a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the role of Ruby, a worldly-wise farm girl who helps Nicole Kidman's Southern Belle keep the family farm afloat when the men go off to fight.
She didn't fall for the "rats" yarn - they clearly breed them more worldly-wise nowadays.
Today, the average 18-year-old is a lot more worldly-wise.
Now you're three, well-traveled, word- and worldly-wise.
It always baffled me why, given that Clarkson was the Beeb's most valuable sales asset, that no-one within the BBC, from the directorgeneral down, had the wit and wisdom to grasp that everything Clarkson did should be handled and monitored by its most experienced and worldly-wise staff.
Mr Chapman said: "The sums involved are vast and even the most worldly-wise can be taken in.
Witnessing the sensual dance moves of the local teens while on holiday, Baby's eyes are opened to a whole new world as she embarks on a troubled relationship with her worldly-wise teacher.
Her mixture of naivete and worldly-wise guile feels both very real and utterly disturbing.
And I found, of course, that the nine-year-old is so much easier to enthuse than the worldly-wise and self-obsessed teenager.
They might once have been students themselves but they are now worldly-wise.
A more well-travelled, worldly-wise and spiritually-tuned Pathwazian returned home after a life-changing Kumbh Mela
50pm Sean Connery stars in this dark medieval mystery as a worldly-wise monk trying to prove a series of murders are not the work of the Devil, but a human killer.
She's in the market for someone a little older and more worldly-wise," the friend added.
Most readers, be it within UAE or beyond, felt it helps to be worldly-wise and keep one's wits about oneself.
Flaubert, far more worldly-wise than the English lady, was, like her, still unfulfilled.