worldly possession

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a commodity or good associated with the earthly, rather than the spiritual, existence of human beings

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Nine families - including some with young children - set foot on the Firth of Clyde island clutching their worldly possessions.
Broke and knocked up, she's got all her worldly possessions crammed into six giant trash bags, and nowhere to go.
Their quest for worldly possessions must be discouraged--only then can they lead their people towards industrialisation.
Around 13,000 people carrying their worldly possessions have fled via the border near Tal Abyad in recent days, but their escape was blocked on Saturday.
The upshot was that a more adult colour scheme was selected and all of Millie's worldly possessions, except her bed, were moved out of her room to clutter up the rest of the house while new paint was duly applied (well done mum
We also helped a man who was singlehandedly trying to clear out the rubble of his home so that he could retrieve whatever worldly possessions he had left.
When worldly possessions are four black plastic bags that need to remain safe while time is taken away from society to get yourself sorted - we'll keep the stu safe.
But Kat is shaken to her core when she makes a discovery and Alfie is forced to confess he started the fire that wiped out all their worldly possessions, scarred her for life and nearly killed her.
If you find rear cargo space coming up short the GX 460 is rated to tow 6,500lb and will haul away most of your worldly possessions without breaking a sweat.
The Examiner reported: "The sight of the refugees with the bundles containing all their worldly possessions was very pathetic.
Her training will begin with her having to let go of all her worldly possessions and forget her previous identity.
From how transformation works to connect newfound values and love to finding joy in something other than accumulating worldly possessions, When Love Speaks is all about finding, recognizing, and using the joys and opportunities inherent in daily life experiences and perhaps this is the book's greatest strength.
He was charged with violating Mexico's strict gun laws because he had three registered guns, along with all his worldly possessions, in his vehicle.