worldly goods

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all the property that someone possess

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I've got all my worldly goods in it, but it isn't heavy.
They had kept the pole on their shoulders, and all my worldly goods, still tied to the pole, were resting on the ground between them.
I speak of this, because I would not have you think me slow to answer, or that I had small joy in your rejoicing at the worldly good that has befallen your brother Adam.
That said, it seems to me that today we are intent on treating the enjoyment of worldly goods as the ultimate end.
She donated her family inheritance to the congregation and lived a life 'detached from material and worldly goods,' according to the edict.
And what starts out as a journey to find worldly goods turns into a discovery of the treasure found within.Slovak writer Jozef Banas'novel "Velestar", his hero after lingering in delusion, superficiality and the rock star life, discovers the same treasure and happiness in altruism and beating his ego.
Instead, all his father's worldly goods go into a trust fund for Raymond, with the exception of a classic Buick that caused the rift between Charlies senior and junior.
For someone known for his flashy lifestyle that includes regularly splurging cash on jewelry and other worldly goods, money plays a huge part in his motivation to fight.
The lifestyle guru tries to fix cluttered homes in America by encouraging people to throw away most of their worldly goods. She then shows them how to fold the few clothes they have left into tiny squares which will surely need a second run of the iron.
An Irish girl with her heart set on New York is waylaid in Liverpool when she loses her bag and all her worldly goods. To earn a crust she goes into domestic service and, seduced by her employer, discovers that when a girl falls for the wrong man she stands to lose more than just her possessions.
She left him a worthless ring and their son a box containing all her worldly goods, including a videotape containing her final message to Tyrone - but what does it say?
It analyzes mothers in works such as in The Ball, The Enemy, The Wine of Solitude, Jezebel, and "The Ogress"; the Russian fiction, including Snow in Autumn, "The Birth of a Revolution," and The Courilof Affair; David Golder and Master of Souls; the French novels in the context of France and the Jews in the 1930s, including The Pawn on the Chessboard and The Prey; Jewishness in "The Spectator" and The Dogs and the Wolves; the "Vichy" novels, All Our Worldly Goods and The Fires of Autumn; Catholicism in her work, including Storm in June and Dolce; and the unfinished Suite Francaise.
She left him a worthless ring and their son a box containing all her worldly goods, including a videotape with her final message to Tyrone - but what does it say?
In the longest story, "Top," a lonely old soldier creates his own New Jerusalem, where people give all their worldly goods in exchange for work, food, housing, and Top's guidance.
The director general of the culture centre, Mohammad Raza Baqiri, said the people of this era were running after worldly goods more than spiritual ones and had no actual desire to serve humanity.