worldly goods

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all the property that someone possess

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Then, holding tightly to the carpet-bag which contained "all her worldly goods," she followed him into the house.
They had kept the pole on their shoulders, and all my worldly goods, still tied to the pole, were resting on the ground between them.
I speak of this, because I would not have you think me slow to answer, or that I had small joy in your rejoicing at the worldly good that has befallen your brother Adam.
You know, what with the pubs and supermarkets being open now and vicars and ministers liable to go on about hell and damnation and giving all your worldly goods to the poor.
Already the suitcase in which he carried all his worldly goods into the infamous house has gone under the virtual hammer.
But if that is the case then please can you get him to give me his worldly goods.
HIS way of life in the scrub of the Kalahari was harsh and unyielding,but it had a certain purity which appealed to people of a certain style, who thought they had lost something despite all their sophistication and worldly goods.
With this I put my family's worldly goods into a small black binbag that could be taken on board the flight.
IT'S been whispered that Brooklyn Beckham - who, with any luck, will probably renounce all his worldly goods at the age of 18 and go live up a tree in Guatemala - is getting a miniature Hummer car, worth pounds 22,000, for Christmas.
But holidaymakers wishing to avoid problems are being urged to use common sense and not take all their worldly goods with them.
They have eight hours to load their worldly goods into a van and head to France - and nothing is going to stop them.
But chase the beggars down the road and you can only use a single blow or rug by tackle them to retrieve your worldly goods.
Ashley Revell is selling all his worldly goods to raise proceeds for his biggest ever bet.
And finally when it's all signed and sealed there's still that little matter of getting all your worldly goods from old home to new.
Faith (Pauline Quirke) tries to teach herself how to milk a cow while husband Brian (Warren Clarke) has a sobering experience watching a bankrupt farmer being forced to sell all his worldly goods at a farm sale.