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a commodity or good associated with the earthly, rather than the spiritual, existence of human beings

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Then, holding tightly to the carpet-bag which contained "all her worldly goods," she followed him into the house.
Our luggage having arrived and being all at hand, I was dressed in a few minutes and engaged in putting my worldly goods away when a maid (not the one in attendance upon Ada, but another, whom I had not seen) brought a basket into my room with two bunches of keys in it, all labelled.
They had kept the pole on their shoulders, and all my worldly goods, still tied to the pole, were resting on the ground between them.
I am well aware of the many so-called improvements in the worldly good available.
IKK" stands for In Kase Killed, Learners' worldly goods will go to The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.
Daz moves in with his all his worldly goods - which Amelia later discovers include an army knife that he keeps under his pillow.
All of these underwater technologies were brought together by entrepreneurs, treasure-hunters, and daring divers in the 1850s to salvage three infamous shipwrecks on Lake Erie, each of which had involved the loss of hundreds of lives, as well as the worldly goods of the passengers.
But, what starts out as a journey to find worldly goods turns into a discovery of the treasure found within.
RAWALPINDI -- Prominent religious scholar Pir Mohammad Naqeebur Rehman said on Thursday that Muslims were ready to sacrifice their lives and worldly goods for the sanctity of the holy places in Saudi Arabia.
In the 1850s, entrepreneurs, treasure hunters, and daring divers descended upon Lake Erie to salvage three infamous shipwrecks, each of which had involved the loss of hundreds of lives--and the passengers' worldly goods.
If Kerry doesn't work, the only knock at the door will be from the bailiffs, looking to repossess her worldly goods.
My distress was evident when I was approached by a shabbily dressed young man carrying two carrier bags which, as it later turned out,contained all his worldly goods - a sleeping bag some socks and underwear.
THERE will not be many people who write to burglars thanking them for nicking their worldly goods But Alexandra Mahjouri has done just that, telling the heartless crooks their raid has brought her family closer together.
Most of the time I must be in service to other people who want, even need, me to be busy, selfish, concerned with worldly goods that they want, ready to engage emotionally with their issues.
He listed no fewer than 15 "sicknesses and temptations", from the "spiritual Alzheimer's" of those who had become enthralled by worldly goods and power to the "existential schizophrenia" of those who had succumbed to a joyless, hard-hearted mindset.