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a commodity or good associated with the earthly, rather than the spiritual, existence of human beings

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Most certainly my generation did not have worldly goods as we struggled through the depression.
Most of the time I must be in service to other people who want, even need, me to be busy, selfish, concerned with worldly goods that they want, ready to engage emotionally with their issues.
He listed no fewer than 15 "sicknesses and temptations", from the "spiritual Alzheimer's" of those who had become enthralled by worldly goods and power to the "existential schizophrenia" of those who had succumbed to a joyless, hard-hearted mindset.
Those of us who have worked and saved (and forgone some) worldly goods while faithfully supporting the church are saddened by what appears to be your disdain of capitalism.
Second, what are the basic values we will use to determine the appropriate amount of regulation, and especially to what extent is the accumulation of worldly goods one of our basic values?
I have a storage container in the UK that I keep most of my worldly goods in.
Carla's also got her eye on a three-bed house with garden in Chorlton for them and their new baby, forgetting that the only up-sizing permitted in Weatherfield involves moving to the other side of the street with all your worldly goods stuffed into four bin bags.
Campaigners against prenups argue that taking time to sort out which of our worldly goods are ours and stay ours in the event of a subsequent divorce is a bad idea.
In this week's episode Jack goes to amend his will and stumbles upon a case in which a man is contesting his aunt's will after she is found to have left all of her worldly goods to her horde of cats, but the elderly woman herself, who died rich and lonely and was called Dorothy Hepple, died in suspicious circumstances some ten years ago.
When two trunks containing the composer's last worldly goods arrive in Venice, two cousins claim them as inheritance, tracing their ancestry back to Steffani.
Rhys Lee Miller entertainingly family They took sibling rivalry to a whole new level with Holmes admitting seducing his brother's fiancee to show him she was a gold-digger and Mycroft merrily blowing up all Sherlock's worldly goods as payback.
Having taken her life, they took all her worldly goods.
He allows them to pluck one golden feather a day and they are filled with gratitude and plenty of gold for worldly goods, as they feed and care for the golden goose.
Chapters invite readers to pursue spiritual purposes in everything they do, offering case history examples of those who surrendered worldly goods to God and overcame negative messages to achieve greater spiritual awareness.
Porriott, who also used the name Andrew John Gibson, had spent his life as a serial bigamist, wooing countless women only to fleece them of their worldly goods.