worldly concern

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the concerns of this life as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife

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The permanent residents had their own worldly concerns that they pursued in ways far removed from the sublime ideals that the rest of the Muslim world was constructing around the idea of Mecca.
In the midst of our worldly concerns and pursuits for wealth, let's not forget our heavenly home and eternal life hereafter.
Grilling stations for cooking as well as bathrooms with showers are scattered around the grounds so guests can take care of worldly concerns.
The introduction also includes an important section on Locke's belief "that there is absolutely no such thing under the Gospel as a Christian Commonwealth," that religious institutions have spiritual rather than worldly concerns.
The melody of the reed flute, Mevlana said, speaks of separation from worldly concerns and seeks the moment when it will be reunited with God.
Our beloved Nazarene (background, a carpenter's shop after a stable birth, friends drawn from the Palestine tracks) must rue the day He allowed St Paul to graft on Him the worldly concerns of his Christians.
The existential-hermeneutic 'as', that is, seeing things as handy in the light of our worldly concerns, is existentially prior to the apophantic 'as' which shows them in their bodily presence.
Stand here and observe two Renaissance gentlemen at the height of their influence; move slightly and the skull appears, shadowing the worldly concerns of the paining with an imminent and inevitable mortality.
To many, the secular cleric veered too close to the saeculum, the worldly concerns and duties of lay or ecclesiastical courts, and was hence an easy target for moral criticism, invective from rivals, and satire.
The Sheikh describes in detail the experience of the zikr, the aim of which is to become detached from all worldly concerns and reach union with God.
Hollywood donors often give to national candidates for worldly concerns like the environment or education.
4 : lack of interest in worldly concerns <He maintained an air of cool detachment.
She writes that "the discussion suggests that monastic hospitality was motivated by both spiritual and worldly concerns, and that the two were not mutually exclusive" (48).
I have never been one to pray for God to grant me success in my personal endeavors or my worldly concerns.
The African American church in particular has historically refused to separate spiritual and worldly concerns.