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Synonyms for worldling

a person absorbed by the concerns and interests and pleasures of the present world

an inhabitant of the earth

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She was a vain, hard, rather shrewd, and at bottom deadly respectable little worldling, who made use of me as an audience and became fond of me against her own will and judgment.
Certainly it is not an edifying spectacle to see a Christian worldling throwing stones at a Christian perfectionist.
"Amelia Alderson Opie: Worldling and Friend." Studies in Modern Languages.
ELIZABETH SPIRES is the author of six collections of poetry, most recently Worldling, Now The Green Blade Rises, and The Wave-Maker.
Shifting gears, Gier and Kjellberg adduce insightful connections between Aristotle's ideas about the mean with the Buddha's similar ideas about the middle path, apply them to the choices of the mindful versus those of the unmindful, and attribute lack of mindfulness both to ascetic and worldling extremes, extremes that were predominant in the Buddha's milieu.
For Heidegger, by contrast, it is through 'worldling', i.e., through our creation of a surrogate world--that we constitute ourselves as human beings.
Abjuring wealth, mistresses, and knighthood, this modern worldling is haunted by the memory of the long-dead wife who made "a man of me" (1.24).
If he deserts the Chair of Peter upon whom the Church was built, has he still confidence that he is in the Church?" (49) Cyprian's answer: "Whoever breaks with the Church and enters on an adulterous union, cuts himself off from the promises made to the Church; and he who has turned his back on the Church of Christ shall not come to the rewards of Christ: he is an alien, a worldling, an enemy.
their "worldling' or the effect of world events on them.
To show our miss, behold a guiltless babe Reft of his limbs (for such is virtue's want) Himself and parents both infamous made With sinful birth, and yet a worldling scant.
When Niel discovers Marian's affair with Ellinger, his inability to accept her sexuality also entails his vague sense that she has allowed herself to be exploited by a "coarse worldling" (81); by consorting with Ellinger, she has essentially become an object for his opportunistic desires.
(28) While he fretted about his perpetual lack of funds, he declared, "There is a nobleness, which the worldling cannot attain to, in the character of one who sacrifices worldly goods for spiritual gain--who sacrifices her own ease for the welfare of others, whose sympathetic heart listens with tenderness to the cries of suffering humanity, and in whose estimation our immortal spirit is of more countless value than worlds of wealth." (29)
"Out of all America, out of the world," Sheen continued, "He chose the darling of the worldlings to prove the power of His Grace." Sheen's choice of the word "worldling" coincided nicely with Brooks Atkinson's review of Luce's 1936 Broadway hit The Women.
ELIZABETH SPIRES is the author of four collections of poetry, including Worldling (Norton, 1995), and the children's book The Mouse of Amherst (Farrar, Straus & Giraux, She teaches at Goucher College in Baltimore.
If the logic of signs allows for "worldling" without limit, let these worlds begin.