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Synonyms for worldliness

the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment

concern with worldly affairs to the neglect of spiritual needs

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With the wealth of Chinese consumers, and the worldliness of Chinese consumers, they're gonna demand goods from the US and Europe and parts all over the world.
It is referred to as Ta[sz] uawwuf in Arabic, and emphasizes spiritual ascetic living over more material worldliness in order to reach a closer connection to both the spirit and God.
He reads in bifurcated maieutics in the literature of the age of Goethe, the concept of natality as it originates for Arendt in the inscrutable and irrefragable nature of divine creation and culminates in the hope for the public realm and the concept of worldliness that refers not to material or biological immanence but to the frailty of human affairs.
Lent should be a time of beneficial 'pruning away' of falsehood, worldliness, indifference: in order not to think that everything is OK as long as I'm OK; to understand that what counts is not the approval of others, or search for success or consensus, but cleanness in one's heart and in one's life; in order to rediscover the Christian identity - that is, the love that serves, not the selfishness that is served," (http://en.
Arendt's paranoia: Worldliness as boundary policing
This is especially true, perhaps, for American Jews, who see in their grandparents certain virtuesof toughness, worldliness, practicality, and pridethat are in short supply among later, richer, and softer Jewish generations.
The affluent do it for sheer insolence, worldliness, revelry, craze, avarice, lust and overindulgence; and, oh, they savor it with impunity while wreaking havoc on their lives and those of others, their families and the whole country.
The message of Sufism, which revolves around spirituality and other worldliness, has found a home for itself within the realm of music as it through this medium alone that it is able to generate the most impact.
Inspired by the Arabic pronunciation of musk, Mysk carries the fragrance of Shaza into a renewed and festive worldliness.
IN Aberystwyth in 1948, he was among a minority of students who went to university straight from school for it was the age of the ex-serviceman, of older men who had returned from the war to begin or complete their studies, thus introducing a more robust atmosphere to the common rooms and lecture halls, perhaps a worldliness that would otherwise have been absent.
For a quarter century, Pierre Bismuth has inventively corrupted Conceptualism's systems thinking with chance, worldliness, and wit--see Things I remember I've done, but don't remember why I did them, 1998, the collection of drawings, objects, films, and photographs he exhibited after he had finally forgotten the rationale behind them, or his series of scribbly abstractions derived from the movement of actresses' hands throughout a movie, "Following the right hand of," 2009-.
Mick seduces Iris with his worldliness, and the two quickly form a secret relationship.
Francis lures his prey into the trap of God's love, without making it aware that, once caught, it will have to shed its vices and its worldliness.
The new logo still includes three pillars, but the added "roundel expresses customer centricity and worldliness," says a Swiss Re statement.
Journo Martin Sixsmith (played by Coogan himself) begins as a cynical snob, and the working-class woman looking for the child stolen from her 50 years ago, Philomena Lee, surprises him with her worldliness, experience and tolerance.