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Synonyms for worldliness

the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment

concern with worldly affairs to the neglect of spiritual needs

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IN Aberystwyth in 1948, he was among a minority of students who went to university straight from school for it was the age of the ex-serviceman, of older men who had returned from the war to begin or complete their studies, thus introducing a more robust atmosphere to the common rooms and lecture halls, perhaps a worldliness that would otherwise have been absent.
He said with many people and nations living with hatred and spiritual worldliness, the end times becomes true.
The narrative style has been described as having the magic of Harry Potter, the scenery of Lord of the Rings and the other worldliness of Narnia.
So how does such a country known for its lengthy history of creativity, intelligence and worldliness choose a path of inflicting harm and perpetrating nonsense?
Lutz Seiler's first novel impresses with its thoroughly distinct poetic language, its sensual intensity and its worldliness.
Francis lures his prey into the trap of God's love, without making it aware that, once caught, it will have to shed its vices and its worldliness.
Chapter 12 provides a final recap of this dialectical tale of pilgrim dissent and ethnic worldliness.
The new logo still includes three pillars, but the added "roundel expresses customer centricity and worldliness," says a Swiss Re statement.
Also reading those texts makes me think about how almost all literary theory seeks ways of talking about the worldliness of the text.
Susannah Biller moved charmingly as Despina, though her reedy tones missed the girl's perky worldliness.
They promote Walter Benjamin's notion of "weak messianism," which stresses worldliness and action against the transcendental pretensions of its "stronger" variants.
Elaborating on the idea, Francis warned that a papal diplomat who "doesn't go along the way of sanctity, and gets involved in so many forms, in so many kinds of spiritual worldliness, makes himself ridiculous, and everyone laughs at him.
In La La land (the USA) One Direction are showing their lack of worldliness by tweeting at the hordes of girls who mobbed them in New York: "That wasn''t even funny" and "this is a complete joke".
The antagonism between worldliness and spirituality sometimes can be so subtle that you don't see it splitting your life apart.
Playing autoharp, guitar or just singing, Harvey didn't say a word until it was time to introduce the band and say thank you at the end, adding to a sense of ghostly other worldliness.