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Synonyms for world-wide

involving the entire earth

spanning or extending throughout the entire world


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of worldwide scope or applicability

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Nevertheless, in view of the world-wide notoriety which attended it, I have been asked, both by my friend Poirot and the family themselves, to write an account of the whole story.
Despairing messages were flashing from every quarter to the great centres of learning, to the chemists and the doctors of world-wide repute, imploring their advice.
'Yes, they are true, but they have been that way always.' Or you say, 'Maybe it will come, but not in my time--it will not help me.' And so you return to your daily round of toil, you go back to be ground up for profits in the world-wide mill of economic might!
Welland's saying, with indignant tears: "I should as soon turn the reporters loose in my house." Yet there was a time when Archer had had definite and rather aggressive opinions on all such problems, and when everything concerning the manners and customs of his little tribe had seemed to him fraught with world-wide significance.
Up to the very eve of the War in the Air one sees a spacious spectacle of incessant advance, a world-wide security, enormous areas with highly organised industry and settled populations, gigantic cities spreading gigantically, the seas and oceans dotted with shipping, the land netted with rails, and open ways.
So that a universal social collapse followed, as it were a logical consequence, upon world-wide war.
Elmaleh, together with Frank and Arthur Stanton, he launched World-Wide Volkswagen which became the first Volkswagen distributor in the US, and grew to include Porsche and Audi.
The city's School Construction Authority bought the Upper East Side school building at 213 East 63rd Street near Third Avenue from an affiliate of developer World-Wide Group for $32.2 million, or about $767 per square foot.
My first game in charge was 12,000 miles away over in Australia and to see 25,000 Celtic supporters in the stadium suggests it is a world-wide football club that would bring a world-wide audience.
Mr Moran decided that he should launch an unprecedented world-wide appeal to try to identify the accused.
"The move is expected to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our assistance to hungry people world-wide, the Canadian Government is changing its food aid policy."
Nynas Naphthenics is the market's leading producer of naphthenic specialty oils with sales of 700 000 tons each year through our world-wide distribution network.
IBM has announced a new chip set for networking gear, supporting the company's position as the number one world-wide switch fabric vendor.
In other reactions, the World Council of Churches, a fellowship of more than 340 Protestant and Orthodox churches world-wide, urged the United States and United Kingdom to "bring a prompt end to the present action" and implored other nations not to join it.
Each is expanded as necessary and illustrated by well-chosen examples world-wide, and where relevant, is cross-referenced to other principles.
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