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sadness on thinking about the evils of the world


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But by adopting Lionel's cagey perspective from the outset--he believes in the monster and the possibility that one of his fellow passengers will try to kill him--the novel steers away from the sensationalist violence of its opening (which features a cinematic foursome of teenagers and the alleged original White Lake 'attack') and seeks refuge in its own world-weariness.
And so I fetched up at my hotel reception affecting world-weariness, as if I buys own shoes were the sort of James Bond figure who spends most of his life in hotels.
Godmother Amy Winehouse may have added world-weariness but really forget trying to push the two together and enjoy an album that belies the singer's age and trumpets a huge new voice in British soul.
Assailed by time, the cold, and betrayal, Lev finally meets, in the cemetery where his parents and child are buried, a crew of philosophical gravediggers whose hearty optimism disarms his world-weariness.
As Pippin notes, the historical overcoming of our modern skepticism, world-weariness, and boredom thus has to involve a distinct tension (as in a taut bow) between contempt and affirmation, "a generally negative as well as positive stance toward some current set of standing attitudes, commitments, and ideals" (112).
In that sense his own particular trademark brand of brow-beaten world-weariness is a hugely welcome and hilariously entertaining diversion.
These days, after an arduous journey of self discovery, he's mining a new strain of deadpan, almost lyrical, post-modern musings, delivered with razor-sharp intelligence and a melancholy world-weariness.
These days, after a somewhat arduous journey of self-discovery, he's mining a new strain of deadpan, almost lyrical, post-modern musings, delivered with razor-sharp intelligence and a melancholy world-weariness.
It lowers our mutual esteem and breeds in us a cynicism and world-weariness that takes the edge off even the most generous and inspiring of actions.
The underlying sense is of the world-weariness of a philosopher who thinks he has something serious to say but has been neglected or purposely marginalized.
Though he's been chronicling his psychic pain since the early '90s, Everett's haunted ballads and howling rockers haven't lost one iota of their tortured immediacy, thanks to a voice that recalls the world-weariness of an old-time bluesman.
THERE IS NOTHING new under the Sun," says one of the most famous expressions of world-weariness.
The performances are good, and Vaughn directs with assuredness and aplomb, but it feels like you've seen it all before and there's a world-weariness that possibly suggests it''s time for the crime-movie set to seek inspiration elsewhere.
Plagued by boredom and paranoia, his heroes devote themselves to sex tourism, the new ars vivendi for those suffering from world-weariness.
National Public Radio calls Cahoone "a warm and inviting singer whose songs convey world-weariness and homespun grace.