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It enlarges our perspective on life and deepens our world-view.
Certain basic ideas, world-view features, and values that continue to constitute the modern were formed in the crucible of the Enlightenment.
The debate on modernity, going on in the West, betrays a reaction against the positive value judgement concerning 'modernity' as a world-view, though it is not clear against which world-view.
Supporters of enlightened internationalism can look optimistically to the future precisely because the ICC represents the latest triumph for a world-view that discredits reactionary realist antinomianism.
The book concludes with a brief lamentation for our own secular, scientific world-view which "tends to exclude, or explain away, or simply ignore, religious experience and hopes of resurrection" (126).
Somewhat simplistically he pits the absolutely true Christian world-view against a secular one and argues for the deficiencies of the latter.
Cole's world-view is visible in her mise-en-scene: reclaimed-wood tables, vegetable-dyed hemp table runners, and vintage furniture reupholstered in old textiles.
The findings suggest that researchers and teacher educators interested in culturally congruent education should take into account the underlying world-view of both the research paradigm and the participants involved, and that school reform should be comprehensive, culturally congruent, and generated from within communities and other stakeholders.
An ecological world-view contradicts models of power as dominance because it presupposes the metaphor of fecundity.
most accurate philosophical sense, implies a world-view
With the exception of five world-view Mollweide equal-area oval projection maps, all the modern maps have a scale that is expressed in miles and kilometers, or sometimes yards and meters.
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