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Synonyms for world-shattering

sufficiently significant to affect the whole world

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Senate remembered Wednesday that the Cold War is over, and that the United States could stop preparing for a world-shattering nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.
The catch, if there is one, will be how "Lone Star" handles the matter of juggling Bob's parallel lives and the seemingly inevitable threat of orbital collisions with world-shattering consequences.
It would be nice for them to get the facts right - but it is just gossip, so it's not of world-shattering importance," he said.
Thom Mertens has studied the surviving records of the fifteenth-century Dutch Franciscan, Johannes Brugman, whose name became synonymous with persuasive oratory, but the written forms of his sermons are not sufficiently different from other collections to provide an insight into what converts a standard sermon into a world-shattering experience.
Steering was quick and precise, with decent but not world-shattering feedback, and the six-speed box was super-slick.
Thus it was not until 1933 that two Irish/Australian prospectors, Mick and Dan Leahy, together with Jim Taylor, an Australian government official, made what was at the time a world-shattering discovery.
This news in itself is not world-shattering but I am sure you can begin to understand the significance of this when I tell you it is on his face.
This is not exactly a world-shattering claim; nor does it seem specific to modernist fiction--Tom Jones, The Mill on the Floss, Jane Eyre come readily to mind.
Representatives of the Sheikh's Dubai investment company, closing in on a pounds 450m takeover of the club, were on hand to witness this amazing, world-shattering event.
As world-shattering as On the Origin of Species was to prove, The Voyage of the Beagle is a hugely important and fascinating work in its own right, and provides a delightful insight into the voyage that made the Darwinian revolution possible.
Menaced by friends, enemies, an assassin from the future, and a demon that cannot die, the two men are adrift amid a potentially world-shattering cataclysm, in this thrilling and fast-paced "what if?
It isn't world-shattering stuff, but after the shambles of the previous regime, it represents a return to sanity and respectability.
The 11-2 may not look world-shattering given that this is an 18-runner handicap, but I think that's massive value and that his starting price will be much closer to 3-1.
No, it would go on for more than four world-shattering years and by November, 1918 would have cost 18 million lives, leaving other millions no more than crippled shells.
The Moon itself was blasted out of the proto-Earth by a world-shattering collision.