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Synonyms for world-class

Synonyms for world-class

ranking above all others

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To achieve Hackett's "world-class" designation, an organization must score in the top 25 percent of Hackett's database in both efficiency (cost and productivity) and effectiveness (quality and value) output metrics in a given functional area.
The world's only Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, world-class arts, great professional sports, and record breaking coasters aren't the only reasons why Cleveland rocks.
The group said their research found a correlation between best practices such as centralization of payables processing, end-to-end process ownership, and minimization of low-value tasks and achieving world-class performance.
Each world-class lab is likely to have two, three, or four of these features--most labs are lucky to have even one.
There are, I think, three "external" qualities that indelibly mark out genuine world-class teams:
"The last thing those students need," he explained at the time, "is anything second-rate." You can almost hear him today saying the same thing about Americans' choices in Campaign 92, a race between men without world-class potential.
World-class manufacturers are most dominant in innovative products, products with high R&D content, state-of-the-art manufacturing-process capabilities, and work forces with a superior understanding of technology and an aptitude for applying it, the study indicates.
We expect to find a part numbering system, labeling, standardized parts, and automatic identification techniques when we visit a world-class warehouse.
DAVID de Gea remains United's only world-class player, according to Gary Neville.
This, according to Banez, is because they want to assure their patrons to have a value-for-money, world-class experience.
Stronge, a professor and educational consultant focusing on teacher and leader effectiveness, and Xu, an educational consultant specializing in teacher effectiveness, professional development, and teacher and principal evaluation, examine what makes a world-class school and how schools in the US can meet that goal.
RUGBY UNION By DUNCAN BECH EDDIE Jones insists England have failed to produce a world-class player since Jonny Wilkinson, but believes a number of his Grand Slam winners are close to ending that barren spell.
MESUT OZIL will be the only world-class outfield player on the pitch in tomorrow's north London derby.
World-class procurement organizations now have 18% lower operating costs than typical companies, and operate with 28% fewer staff, while generating more than twice the return on investment, according to new benchmark research from The Hackett Group, Inc.
Plastics Technology's inaugural group of World-Class Processors--selected through an exclusive benchmarking survey--spans geographies, markets, processes, and materials.