world traveler

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someone who travels widely and often

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The Gemalto EMV based World Traveler card contains a microprocessor which provides global acceptance and a more secure payment technology in the same convenient form factor as other payment cards.
The TomTom XXL 540S World Traveler Edition, in particular, appeals to globetrotters who appreciate a wide screen, a sleek design and the assurance that their routes are always the most efficient regardless of their destination," said Jocelyn Vigreux, president of TomTom Inc.
Through a half-dozen changes of ownership (the Regal International Hotel chain has put her up for sale again), a 1928 expansion, a couple of earthquakes that did no more than jostle items on shelves, and a 1984 renovation that restored much of the hotel's early beauty, she's welcomed presidents and kings, movie stars and moguls, brides and world travelers.
Master photographer and world traveler Hunter Weeks enjoys capturing elements of humanity that are often off the beaten path in remote locations.
Bogle; investment banker and world traveler Jim Rogers; Research Affiliates chairman Robert D.
But he was no less a lecturer and teacher, and he was famed as a photographer, filmmaker and world traveler.
Created, produced, and hosted by Serena Yang, veteran world traveler and former CNN international correspondent, EYE OF THE BEHOLDER provides a witty and provocative study of the expression and understanding of attractiveness around the world and presents an empowering celebration of beauty in all its forms.
Combined with a universal power supply and foldable plugs, the PL9540-WAP offers a convenient network solution for the world traveler.
Born in New York City, a world traveler and a long time resident of Mississippi.
founder of Niagara Model & Train Distributors and of Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart, philanthropist, and world traveler, died on 1 August 2003, after a brief illness upon returning from an extended overseas visit.
For those world travelers out there, you can even find survival guides with business and cultural etiquette advice for up to 61 countries.
The Board, which comprises 2,351 readers who volunteer their behavioral and spending habits on a quarterly basis, revealed that they are frequent world travelers, taking an average of 3.
HTH Worldwide announced today that it has added over 50 top private hospitals to its existing contracted international provider community, giving world travelers broader access to high-quality healthcare through HTH's international health insurance plans.
HTH Worldwide's products combine unsurpassed insurance benefits and international medical assistance services to allow world travelers to access high-quality health services all around the globe.
HTH Worldwide is a recognized leader in international health insurance and medical assistance services, serving hundreds of thousands of world travelers annually.
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