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a table designed for a particular task

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And as Beavers honors the solitary, recognizable form (a glazed bowl, a teapot, single blossoms, oversize leaves), his attention to framing and mediating surfaces (the filmmaker at his worktable is reflected in the window; a graphic oval of moving blue sky is a circular mirror we've seen previously) suggests an image world born of interdependences.
Site Work Area & Clean Up: An MFT worktable is the center point of my site shop, with the work cart and Systainers set up next to it in the same order each day.
A new printing roll can be prepared offline, using the optional change trolley, equipped with a worktable.
Sunkisses" is the result of Rockville's ongoing partnership with Creative Consultant Deb McKeand of Worktable NYC, who developed the creative concept of the film.
The vehicle features a wide overhead console, large door pockets, storage compartments for binders and notebooks, and a segment-exclusive fold-down feature in the passenger seat that enables the driver to create a worktable.
Analyzers can be placed on a worktable or on a movable cart for sensitive identity and quality tests of liquid or solid excipients and APIs.
A retired dental technician, Chase used the skills he learned on the job to cast his daughter's stars at his home worktable.
Required elements included a square footage of 120 and a 30-square-foot worktable surface.
Circulation of the dielectric is integrated into the worktable, which prevents the risk of thermal shocks when filling the tank.
The Endura line consists of heated roll-through and pass-through cabinets, refrigerated, heated and dual temperature reach-ins, refrigerated roll-ins, roll-throughs and pass-throughs, top mounted glass or solid door reach-ins, and a series of prep tables and undercounter/ worktable cabinets, many of which are Energy Star and California Energy Commission certified.
The worktable can accommodate up to 1,155lb workpieces, plus the unique enclosure allows free chip fall, suitable for wet or dry machining.
This massive guide covers everything from the first moments after setting the hardware on the worktable to configuring and customizing web and FTP servers.
It is also ideal for use as a mobile worktable, especially with its optional automatic height adjustment feature.