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a desktop digital computer that is conventionally considered to be more powerful than a microcomputer

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Whether the server is an Alpha running Windows NT, a Pentium running Novell or a Sun workstation running UNIX, people still believe that the platform they choose is going to change the way the workstation operates.
The workstations developed by Georgia Tech are designed as modules which will allow individuals to purchase the modules which are appropriate without having to custom design every single workstation.
Hitachi aims to grow the business as a market leader in liquid-cooling systems for PC, workstation and server applications and intends to create a new market in consumer products and industrial fields.
The group announced in May that it had migrated part of its High Performance Computing center to an HP Workstation zx6000 cluster powered by almost 200 Itanium 2 processors in a rack configuration running MSC.
Both DataWARE Workstation Combo and DataWARE Workstation CD-R are easily installed onto a customer's current workstation and use an advanced graphical user interface to guide the user through the optical recording process.
With the release of a much more competitive dual-socket platform in the second quarter, Xeon's share immediately began to improve," said Alex Herrera, JPR senior analyst and Workstation Report author.
With support for 4GB of memory, seven bays and seven slots, the Compaq Evo Workstation W8000 is a high-performance, expandable solution powerful enough for the most demanding MCAD, CAE, 3-D rendering, animation, video editing, or GIS applications.
Both also support 12 bits per RGBA component (versus 8 bits found in other workstations), thereby capable of displaying 68 billion colors (versus the typical workstation, which can display 16 million colors).
Traditional workstations (TWS) will continuing their slow downward slide as users move to personal workstation platforms (PWS).
IBM, this year, had 15 percent market share in the Windows NT workstation market and had hefty growth of 59 percent over 1998.
The Dell Precision M90 and Dell Precision M65 deliver new levels of performance and features in a mobile platform along with the application certifications and assured reliability that professional workstation users demand.
2005 is shaping up to be a solid year for the workstation and professional graphics market.
Dell continues to dominate the workstation market with a share of about 43%, and HP follows, recently narrowing Dell's lead slightly.
Start-up Offers Small Footprint, Broad Platform Support and Leading Price/Performance Solutions for Workstation and Server Virtualization
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