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Synonyms for works

a building or complex in which an industry is located


Synonyms for works

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The works in "An Aside" all had in common the simple fact that Dean was drawn to them.
Even though the building ownership may be taking steps to eliminate the problems, tenants may be suffering from water damage until the work is complete.
Using the action plan, the team works to implement their project.
Customarily and regularly exercising discretion and independent judgment when performing that work.
Society simply hasn't adjusted to the fact that there are mothers at work, she said.
The article first considers changes in femininity with relationship to work and sexuality, then examines changing reflections upon masculinity and family life and concludes with a consideration of the cultural representation of changes in gender identities in the fifties.
Here's an inside look at what it takes to make this career path work, and tips from professionals who've successfully made the transition from permanent employee to free agent.
Drawing from the experience of social work development in China, and employing a sociological theory proposed by the late British sociologist Basil Bernstein, this paper discusses and demonstrates how various social forces influence the social work indigenisation discourses in China.
Despite the personal and economic toll of this work injury, the empirical research on work-related amputation is relatively sparse.
In some areas it may be difficult to find good advice on benefits and other issues in planning for returning to work.
Since libraries are wired for the Internet, working people who do not have a computer at home or at work can use their neighborhood library to go online, set up a free e-mail account, and gain access to their local union Web site or any other Web site that meets their needs.
Ballet class, pointe work, contemporary/jazz combination.
Work discrimination has been a major topic in the rapidly growing literature concerning vocational issues of lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons (e.
The Saratoga Institute study offers contradictory statistics, noting that less than 5 percent of the companies it surveyed claimed to be "very concerned" about employee personal use of the Net at work.