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Synergy Workplaces was founded in 2004 by president and CEO Laura Kozelouzek and a team of seasoned office space professionals all with one common goal: to make a positive difference in the workday, every day, for its clientele.
Given that all focus-group discussions were conducted with government employees who are covered by Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Family Friendly Workplace (FFW) policies, it is noteworthy that no one in the groups made supportive reference to these policies.
The Distributed Workplace is based on a two-year multi-disciplinary research project that examined the impact of the new knowledge economy on spatial and management and creation of location independent workplaces.
According to Deck, the new initiative will allow the government to inspect many of the workplace sites, such as hospitals, manufacturing plants and shopping malls that were not being inspected because of a "lack of staff.
Increasing public visibility and the level of lighting can contribute to reducing the risk of workplace assault, and may help diffuse the potential for damage to workers or property.
But this has been replaced by a workplace where short product life cycles and rapidly changing tasks are often the rule.
Both age and gender have been associated with workplace frustration and burnout.
The facility is not responsible for the loss of or damage to employees' personal property brought into the workplace.
In this world, information literacy becomes vital; meaning that both level and type of literacy needed--even for basic workplace competency--will increase dramatically.
With every new e-Center One release we evolve closer and closer to streamlining the workplace environment," said Matthew Meyer, founder and chief strategy officer for Centerstone Software.
Vinson that sexual harassment violates the federal prohibition on sex discrimination in the workplace.
Epidemiologic investigation indicated that exposure occurred at the workplace through intentionally contaminated mail.
But you have to admit that Dilbert is more than a little depressing in its view of the workplace.
Incidents of workplace violence are increasing and are often the focus of national news.
Privacy in the workplace is an area of increasing concern for law enforcement agencies and officers.
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