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a fellow worker

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They tracked down the accused and he confessed that he had killed his workmate.
Seeing workmates sworn at was witnessed by 52% of those questioned, while 25.
Cygnett Lead Industrial Designers, Shannon Brown and Haydn Smith, have been working on the WORKMATE UTILITY project over the past few months and are pleased that the project is now ready for release.
MORE than 100 friends and workmates gathered yesterday to say goodbye to Remploy worker George Scollan, who was found dead on the day his factory was closed down.
The workmates range in age from 18 to the late 40s and include managing director Justin Thomas, 36.
A day earlier, Cumani saw Manighar and Purple Moon stretch their legs with a companion, while Mabait and Acrostic draw attention in their work and Contredanse starred in going clear of her two workmates.
Now it's your turn to tell us about your tyrannical boss or scary workmates.
He worked very hard and we were all proud to have had him as a workmate and a real good mate.
Meet Workmate 425 that showcases several new innovations.
WORKLOAD may mean you spend more time with a workmate than your partner.
Ronna insinuates herself into the trafficking territory of her impulsive expatriate British workmate Simon (Desmond Askew), whose disastrous bachelor romp through Las Vegas provides the subject of part 2.
Dubai: A container-towing truck driver has denied being responsible for the death of his workmate, whose skull was smashed in an accident at Jebel Ali Port.
David Norris, 35, spouts a stream of threats to kill and torture black people and Gary Dobson repeatedly talks about "n***s" and says he threatened a black workmate with a Stanley knife.
Then the WorkMate iPhone Case - one of the toughest, most rugged cases you can get - should make you feel less anxious about texting your mate urgently while standing right next to that industrial press.
Partnered by William Buick over a mile at second lot, she moved clear of her workmate.