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Synonyms for workings

the internal mechanism of a device


a mine or quarry that is being or has been worked


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Electric power plants were installed, and his workings were lighted as well as run by electricity.
The weight of the sand this can contain would not in itself be sufficient to obstruct; but the friction of such a body working up against it would be tremendous.
And sometimes, as though the influence of innumerable ancestors, Godfearing and devout, were working in him unconsciously, there seized him a panic fear that perhaps after all it was all true, and there was, up there behind the blue sky, a jealous God who would punish in everlasting flames the atheist.
I am an example of some of the workings of the social system of this illustrious country on the individual native, during the early part of the present century; and, if I may say so without unbecoming vanity, I should like to quote myself for the edification of my countrymen.
As to enlisting in the ranks, and working my way up, the social institutions of my country obliged the grandson of Lady Malkinshaw to begin military life as an officer and gentleman, or not to begin it at all.
To sum the whole, no species of disguise or affectation had escaped her notice; but as to the plain simple workings of honest nature, as she had never seen any such, she could know but little of them.
The eyes of the old man were closed, as though the organs were wearied with having so long witnessed the selfish workings of the human passions.
I shall devote myself for a time to the examination of the Roman Catholic dogmas, and to a careful study of the workings of their system: if I find it to be, as I half suspect it is, the one best calculated to ensure the doing of all things decently and in order, I shall embrace the tenets of Rome and probably take the veil.
I suppose I do come on; though in what fashion I know not; being scarcely cognisant of my movements, and solicitous only to appear calm; and, above all, to control the working muscles of my face-- which I feel rebel insolently against my will, and struggle to express what I had resolved to conceal.
If there be mystery in its workings, it is the mystery of a Divinity.
He gave this opinion as the result of the conversation to his father; and recommended there being nothing more said to her: no farther attempts to influence or persuade; but that everything should be left to Crawford's assiduities, and the natural workings of her own mind.
2 news release, company president Marz Kord said maiding the first payment puts them closer to permitting the high-grade, scalable Discovery Zone deposit on the property which contains some underground workings.
The delegation head by Senior Professor Dr Wajid Khan of Mass Com department, was briefed by director protocol, Senate secretariat about the workings and specially the performance of Senate during the tenure of incumbent chairman Mian Raza Rabbani.
Contract notice: Conduct research and analysis of the geophysical structure of the rock in the immediate vicinity of the complex workings main key hereditary adit locating selected liquidated excavation and execution of projects target security complex workings main key hereditary adit along with the performance of supervisions.
THE manager of the Gleision Colliery where four miners died in a disastrous inrush of water in 2011 was warned about floodwater in old workings at the 100-year-old pit by a previous manager of the drift mine, a court heard yesterday.