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Synonyms for working-class

of those who work for wages especially manual or industrial laborers

working for hourly wages rather than fixed (e.g. annual) salaries


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Since 1998, an increasing share of working-class people have received government safety-net benefits.
She seems oblivious to the ways progressive ideology is simply anathema to many white working-class voters.
Middle-class workers can get around congestion by working at home or on flex-time hours, but most working-class employees do not have those options.
In essence, penny press editors plucked liberal icons from official histories, reinterpreted them as working-class heroes, and used them to criticize Porfirio Diaz's regime.
The authors have organized the main body of their text in nine chapters devoted to a descriptive analysis of the black working class; conventional and critical perspectives on race, gender, and class; the black working-class woman; the black working class in rural settings; and a wide variety of other related subjects.
His patronising world view suggests all those frequenting city centre hotels are rich outsiders served by poor, working-class Liverpudlians.
Democrats cannot win big or consistently enough, deep enough down the ticket or broadly enough in the states, unless they run much stronger with white working-class and downscale voters.
While it does refer to rednecks, queers, and country music throughout, the book uses these as seductive hooks to talk about class--more specifically, to show the myriad ways in which the dominant middle class misunderstands and misrepresents working-class culture, and to rectify this by explaining the actual contours of working-class life, including its values, its aesthetics, its politics, its identity, and its social functioning.
This work is an important contribution to an underresearched period in the history of English policing and to the history of working-class culture in general and is built on previously neglected resources from police archives in England's three principal provincial cities.
When I began my PhD studies and told my advisor I would write my dissertation on contemporary American working-class women's poetry, her response was, "Is there such a thing?
Fiercely proud of his own working-class identity, Paul O'Grady is on a mission to find out what has happened to his tribe.
Jones spends a lot of time discussing the infamous British tabloid media, and uses notable cases of working-class people being particularly vilified for no other reason than their social status.
The author offers a review of the discourse on working-class literature, outlines post-Marxist, post-modern and post-structuralist theories of class, and presents working-class readings of Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and The Great Gatsby.
However, Mr Brown's letter was spoilt for me when he voiced the old Valleys inferiority complex and prejudice issue; that those killed in Afghanistan were working-class men.
This paper reads Charles Dickens's The Chimes through the lens of Pierre Bourdieu's study of class ethics and his problematization of working-class disinterest.