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a rule that is adequate to permit work to be done


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Furthermore, the highly efficient working principle of MasoSine pumps means they can contribute to energy savings and a reduction in CO2.
The working principle in the nervous system is based on the transmission of electrical current by neurons that function like electrical wiring.
Designer Nick Brennan's Sound Pegs working principle is simple they are clipped onto an object and then they detect the vibrations which result from hitting the object with a drumstick, the Verge reported.
This section discussed the working principle of fast hybrid pattern matching algorithms and performance analysis of hybrid algorithm.
Its working principle employs rugged impeller teeth passing through a heavy bar grating to reduce the size of the product.
Most of the students were familiar with modular arithmetic and could understand the working principle involved.
The EU is dawdling for the moment, having established "appropriate parallelism" between different issues as a working principle.
As far as the magnetic harmonic traction drive concept is based on the working principle of traditional harmonic drive gears, see Fig.
Like its competitors, the OnTool Booster relies on a side-channel Holweck working principle and achieves competitive figures in suction speed and final pressure.
A sensible working principle in the immediate [aftermath] is to expect normal recovery," said the report.
Homogenous plasticizing is said to be guaranteed by the working principle of the FIFO injection units, where the first material to be plasticized is the first material to be injected, which means the material injected into the cavities has the same heat history.
After understanding the working principle of RAID 6, many people may ask the question: if the system has to make two backups, will the functions be influenced?
Coperion explains the working principle of a D-LFT plant: The melt--from the raw materials and additives to the glass fibers--is compounded and extruded in the form of a continuous sheet, which is cut into individual blanks to be fed into the press.
Its working principle is based on an electro-chemical process in which hydrogen reacts with oxygen to produce direct electrical energy.
The working principle of electrodynamic tethers is not new, but the application to space transportation will be revolutionary," says Les Johnson, principal investigator of the ProSEDS experiment.