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a rule that is adequate to permit work to be done


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After perusing different working principles of harmonic drives and investigation of the existing demonstrator a first 3D Design, see Fig.
A sensible working principle in the immediate [aftermath] is to expect normal recovery," said the report.
Homogenous plasticizing is said to be guaranteed by the working principle of the FIFO injection units, where the first material to be plasticized is the first material to be injected, which means the material injected into the cavities has the same heat history.
After understanding the working principle of RAID 6, many people may ask the question: if the system has to make two backups, will the functions be influenced?
Indeed its de-stabilization became a working principle of global society.
Coperion explains the working principle of a D-LFT plant: The melt--from the raw materials and additives to the glass fibers--is compounded and extruded in the form of a continuous sheet, which is cut into individual blanks to be fed into the press.
His conclusion that anyone committing a crime simply loses the right to privacy is not particularly helpful as a working principle for broadcast journalists.
Its working principle is based on an electro-chemical process in which hydrogen reacts with oxygen to produce direct electrical energy.
The working principle of electrodynamic tethers is not new, but the application to space transportation will be revolutionary," says Les Johnson, principal investigator of the ProSEDS experiment.
The ministers agreed the APEC economies may participate in the program in nine sectors on the basis of its working principle of voluntarism and will discuss the issue at the WTO this year.
The working principle behind achieving dual contact of the face and taper involves utilizing the elastic deformation of the machine spindle to control the gage line accuracy.
That is the working principle, for example, of the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association, which represents Burley tobacco producers in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and West Virginia.
Sarajevo Sevdah--Berlin Depot, 1993, was based on the same working principle as the artist's other such works.
Based on the working principle technology, the devices can be classified into Electrochemical, Infrared, Catalytic, Zirconia, Paramagnetic, Laser, Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS), Photo Ionization Detection (PID), and others.