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The DoD Military Working Dog Veterinary Service (DoDMWDVS) served as the MWD CPG proponent and the initial tasks were authored by the instructors from the Animal Health Branch, Department of Veterinary Science, US Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDDC&S).
English, The Quiet Americans: A History of Military Working Dogs, Office of History, 37th Training Wing, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, 15 December 2000, <http:// www.
But OOLaf, who is affectionately called "Laffers" by his handlers, is more than just another highly motivated working dog.
Military Working Dogs (MWDs) have been in man's arsenal for thousands of years.
Titles included in the Amazing Working Dogs with American Humane series are:
Burnett is an instructor supervisor for the Military Working Dog Handler's Course at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.
A LETTER in your December issue asked if a military working dog pictured in the November Soldiers was actually wearing protective goggles.
Based on the real-life experience of author, Hanni and Beth Safe and Sound is a wonderful introduction for young people to the rules in how to treat a seeing eye dog; for example, a dog is working when its harness is on, and a working dog should not be petted or distracted.
On 4 December 2007, the Army's newest and most modern veterinary hospital and military working dog kennel, located at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, was dedicated to a fallen Soldier, Corporal (CPL) Kory D.
TV shingle Working Dog is responsible for that rarest of Australian achievements--selling a format Stateside.
O'Hara, who is on his fourth working dog, cruises the streets of Los Angeles with his canine partner, Rudy, and puppy recruit, Ozzy.
The docking must occur before the dog is five days old, and proof that the animal is to be a working dog must be provided to the vet before the operation is carried out.
Among these "personnel" are Military Working Dog (MWD) teams.
A lot of hands-on care has gone into the receiver and the Turkish walnut stock to make this gun right at home with a sporty upland vest and a fine working dog.