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Synonyms for workhorse

one who works or toils tirelessly

Words related to workhorse

machine that performs dependably under heavy use

Related Words

a horse used for plowing and hauling and other heavy labor

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Workhorse is a technology company focused on providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the commercial transportation sector.
Workhorse Fitness head trainer, Ibrahim Dughaish, explained that the public workout will involve primarily bodyweight and cardio exercises.
Cooley LLP provided legal advice to SQAD in the transaction, while Workhorse received advice from Metronome Partners LLC and Reed Smith LLP
He said that the Workhorse stands out from its competitors as it has features that other vehicles in the same category lacks.
For what is part workhorse, an asking price of pounds 25,000 plus is not cheap and compared to some cars you can buy for this money is still basic.
Supply and demand: The Hercules C-130 is the Forces' workhorse in Afghanistan.
TF Workhorse led the way on route clearance operations all across Regional Command-East and proved to be a dominant player in the IED fight, involved in more than one-third of all IED events in its area.
Under its contract with Alliant, XCOR is developing what it calls a workhorse version of the rocket engine that will serve as the basis for a refined, lighter, flight-ready engine for NASA's Crew Exploration Vehicle.
Canada's Azure Dynamics has established a cooperative venture with Workhorse Custom Chassis and Productive Concepts Inc.
Available both as a rugged workhorse vehicle or a lifestyle luxury statement, the new L200 has sensational looks.
The machine is a workhorse," says Neil LeBlanc, senior marketing consultant for Caterpillar Inc.
Add an FM tuner plus a Windows music format support and you've got a workhorse for your workout.
Operators, even a workhorse like your interim high mobility engineer excavator needs some TLC to keep it moving dirt and sand.
Both law firms and financial companies, the workhorse space takers in midtown, have seriously considered taking some of that, but Novoa said an entertainment/media company the firm is currently in talks with, could snatch up the entire chunk.