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compensation for death or injury suffered by a worker in the course of his employment

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Here's an interesting fact: A self-insured firm bears the full cost of workers' compensation claims until the deductible on each employee's claim is met.
In many companies, workers' compensation costs are threatening budgets, profit margins and sometimes the organization's survival.
This study shows that, following the introduction of evidence-based medicine and treatment guidelines, most injured workers feel they are getting the care they need," said Division of Workers' Compensation Executive Medical Director Dr.
Debilitating health problems that are now beginning to surface are forcing some individuals off the job and creating controversy about workers' compensation claims.
With pressure building to meet a March 31 deadline for quick premium relief, those threatened by an overhaul of California's expensive and dysfunctional workers' compensation system are resorting to distraction and deception in an attempt to block meaningful reform.
Robert Sass, Williams' Chief Operating Officer, said, "Our clients should save 50 percent or more on their workers' compensation premiums - or approximately 6 percent of their gross payroll.
The survey found the average number of workers' compensation claims per 100 employees declined from 10.
The issue of workers' compensation health care costs is clearly a pressing one.
A number of factors have led to the escalation of workers' compensation insurance prices.
Joe's considerable depth in nationwide workers' compensation will benefit our Board, senior management and our Company as a whole.
As of today, we're paying $32,000,'' said Grocery Outlet owner Jose Reynoso, who said his workers' compensation costs doubled last year and he had to lay off nine of 29 employees.
It is hard to believe that Pennsylvania's House of Representatives was ever serious about solving the crisis in workers' compensation following their actions today.
The Workers' Compensation program has also become an issue in the health care costs debate.
York" or the "Company"), a leading insurance services provider, and Eventide Risk Management LLC ("Eventide"), a leading provider of workers' compensation and medical cost containment services in California, announced today that York has acquired Eventide and its subsidiaries.
Republicans and business leaders on Wednesday blasted the workers' compensation reform package agreed to in a late-night legislative hearing in Sacramento, saying the real reforms were quietly gutted from the package weeks earlier.
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