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container for holding implements and materials for work (especially for sewing)

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Sarah King's workbox is a reminder that Hannah's everyday domestic toolkit was rich in meaning and purpose.
If he were not so good," she thought, as with a shudder she turned away from the pretty little workbox he had brought her; "if he had ever given me an unkind word, or suspected how treacherous I am, it would not seem so bad, but he trusts me so much
In addition, all work agreements and negotiations show up in a calendar, dashboard and workbox, allowing work to be managed through a unified application.
The applications are designed to generate high rates of workforce adoption with integrated and highly intuitive user interfaces, role-based presentation of content and transactions, contextualized reports and decision support tools, and a centralized workbox with views of required HR actions for employees and managers across all applications.
As I contemplate the cast-off furniture from Far from Heaven that has found its way into Haynes's 1909 bungalow--here the sprawling sofa where a marriage definitively unravels, there the gardener's wooden workbox that suggests a natural serenity just out of reach--I am reminded of the determining presence of interior decoration in all his films, whether the bedroom of the child murderer's schoolmate in Poison (1991), the gyms and shopping-center restaurants in Safe, or the makeshift luxury enjoyed by the glam rockers of Velvet Goldmine (1998).
The mother, never idle, lays her workbox aside and throws her sewing work over the arm of her chair to listen solicitously as her daughter recites a passage from the Bible.
She takes her sewing occasionally: but, by some fatality, she is doomed never t sit steadily at it for above five minutes at a time; her thimble is scarcely fitted on, her needle scarce threaded, when a sudden thought calls her up-stairs: perhaps she goes to seek some just-then-remembered old ivory-backed needle-book, or older china-topped workbox, quite unneeded, but which seems at the moment indispensable; perhaps to arrange her hair, or a drawer which she recollects to have seen that morning in a state of curious confusion; perhaps only to take a peep from a particular window at a particular view.
Although we live in an age of technology, we should never lose sight of the fact that technology is merely another tool in our workbox.
3 also adds simple personal and team-based tasks that can be added to any Confluence page and simply managed in WorkBox.
Splinters of the true cross discovered in a Margaret Thatcher-shaped toby jug or a single holy thorn stuck in a pin cushion within a Victorian workbox.
The body, in the shape of a globe with inlaid planetary symbols and signs of the zodiac around an equator, conceals a small but elaborate built-in sewing workbox consisting of compartments opened by snap mechanisms.
With a Workmate WM450 combined workbox and mini-workbench thrown in you'll be able to tackle most everyday DIY jobs around the house and garden.
Workbox has offices in the United States and Russia.
JENNIE Emery's workbox has expanded as her window improvements have become more elaborate.