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a job action in which workers cause a slowdown by doing only the minimum amount required by the rules of the workplace

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Thursday was the first day that customs officers at the Gare du Nord Paris railway station joined in the work-to-rule action which has seen staff carry out longer checks than normal.
Last week, Carstairs management invited tenders overhaul of the including personal Earlier this received an anonymous message urging work-to-rule during "challenging circumstances" and to refuse time off in lieu.
In response, unions decided to apply a work-to-rule and seek legal recourse.
The hospital said it "regrets" the INMO's work-to-rule, "particularly as any change in existing terms and conditions for nurses can only be advanced at a national level".
The principle for the work-to-rule tactic was always to respond to requests for service from the public, but not from the employer.
The Educational Institute of Scotland voted to ballot on a work-to-rule unless more resources are made available.
"We had to cancel the Kilkenny Castle event because of the work-to-rule," said Plan Ireland's Damien Queally.
Members of Unite, the largest union in the country, are holding the work-to-rule day of action across the North-east against a three-year NHS pay deal.
The work-to-rule could run for a number of weeks as no specific time frame has been laid down.
In a letter written to all Police Federation members, chairman Paul McKeever stopped short of issuing an official work-to-rule call because police are banned from taking industrial action.
A strike in July led to 42% of tests being cancelled, while a subsequent work-to-rule also disrupted tests.
Unionised pilots at Korean Air were engaged in a "work-to-rule" action on Monday (4 July), in which they strictly followed the speed limit while moving on the ground at airports, apparently causing slight slowdowns.
Tyne & Wear Chief Fire Officer Richard Bull warned his 1,128 firefighters not to resort to a work-to-rule, answering only 999 calls, claiming the action would put lives in danger.
This time over 69,000 Catholic elementary students in Toronto were Out of school for a number of days in May and June as their 3,600 teachers were locked Out by the school board, after the teachers initiated work-to-rule tactics.